It all started with Twitter

Kendra has been through alot but luckily she still has her favorite tv show The X Factor. When the new season starts in Ireland she sees a very cute Irish boy named Niall Horan. When he starts to sing its like an angel. After his performance she tweets him and he then replies and DM's her. Read more to find out what that leads to :)


19. Woah

*Kendra's POV*
Maura and my dad were just about to leave when Maura pulled me aside.She leaned in close to my ear and whispered, "Are you sure you are not pregnant?".My eyes widened. "No I am definitely not.Why do you ask?" "You are just showing some signs is all.Have you felt nauseous or dizzy in the past week?" She questioned seriously.I trace back the past week and my heartbeat quickens. "I have been feeling nauseous lately.Oh no what if I am pregnant?! Niall is too busy for a kid.I'm not ready to have a baby.I am so youn-" Maura hushed my rambling with her hand. "Listen to me ok? The next time Niall leaves to go to the studio or whatever go and get a few tests.I can come over if you need me to.And if you are pregnant you know that I am always here and Niall will not leave you,I promise." Maura said calmly.I nodded and Maura gave me a comforting hug before going to the front door to say goodbye to Niall.
I was washing my make-up off when Niall appeared in the doorway. "Are you ok?" I tensed and turned to him. "Yeah I'm fine why?" I told him with a fake smile. "I don't know.It's just that after our parents left you seem a little off." Niall said with a confused look on his face. "No,I'm just fine." I said feigning happiness.Niall shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the doorway and towards our bedroom.I blew a sigh of relief and continued to wash my face.
After I finished washing my face,I walked into our room to see Niall already asleep.His arms were tucked tightly under his pillow while his legs were spread out across the bed.I walked over to the bed and try to roll him over on his side of the bed,but he just groaned and didn't budge. "Niall.Scoot over!" I said pushing him again.He groaned again,but this time he actually moved over.I climbed into bed and rolled onto my side.
I started to think.If I am pregnant I will not know how to tell my dad or Niall.I am terrified of their reaction.I am pretty sure Niall won't divorce me or anything,but my dad will be livid because according to him I am still his little innocent princess.
My thinking got interrupted by Niall jumping on top of me. "Do you really think I would fall asleep that fast?" He said smirking down at me. "You have done it before." I chuckled.He rolled his eyes."That was jetlag's fault." "Ok well whatever can you get off me? You know you aren't exactly the lightest person in the world." I teased.Niall feigned hurt,scoffed and then rolled off me and faced the opposite direction.I peeked over his shoulders to see he had his arms crossed and cute litttle pout on his face. "Aw you know I didn't mean it." I said in a baby voice. "No,don't talk to me.You hate me,I get it." He said like a little kid.I chuckled. "I do not hate you!" "Prove it." I leaned over his shoulders and pecked his lips that were pouted out.Niall rolled on his back. "I don't think you proved it enough." Niall said sticking his nose up in the air,trying to look unimpressed.I leaned forward and kissed his cheek.He scoffed.I rolled my eyes and faced the wall.I closed my eyes and right before I fell asleep,Niall wrapped his arms around me. "I love you Mrs.Horan." He whispered in my ear.I shivered at his words.That will literally never get old. "I love you too." I said before sleeping.
*Two days later*
"Hey babe I gotta go to the studio for last minute recordings before we go on our honeymoon!" Niall shouted down the stairs to me in the kitchen. "Ok when are you leaving?!" I called up to him. "Ten minutes!" "Alright.Tell the boys I said hi!" "You got it." I heard his footsteps come rumbling down the stairs as he came into the kitchen.He kissed me goodbye. "See ya." "Bye"
After I heard the door close I took my phone out. "Hello?" "Hey Maura.Can you come over now for ya-know?" "Of course dear.I will be there in thirty minutes"Ok see ya then." "Bye" 
I paced the kitchen floor waiting for Maura.After what felt like forever,the door opened and Maura's cheery voice rang through the house.I met her in the hallway and I lead her to the upstairs bathroom.I had bought pregnancy tests yesterday. "Ok go ahead and take one test right now and then take another one tomorrow morning for assurance." Maura said calmly.I nodded and closed the door.As soon as I took the test I set it on the bathroom sink and opened the door.I had to wait five minutes before I would know.I hugged Maura. "I am so scared." I said on the verge of tears.Maura rubbed my back soothingly. "Honey,everything will be alright." She said trying to calm me down.We stood there for a few minutes before I went back in the bathroom and shakily picked up the test.I didn't look at it,I just handed it to Maura. "I can't look at it,please just read it out." Maura looked down and back up to me.I eagerly waited for what it was.It about two seconds I was either going to cry tears of joy or tears of scaredness. "You are not pregnant." A wave of relief washed over me when she said that.I crumpled to the ground in a heap and cried. "Thank god." I finally let out. " I was actually kind of looking forward to a grandbaby." I looked up to Maura. "You already have one." "Yeah,but I never really see Greg since him and his wife moved to France for his job." "Well,I hate to break it to you,but you will not be having another grandbaby for a while." I said getting up off the floor. "Oh alright." 
Maura stayed for a while after that.Niall walked into the livingroom. "Babe today was amaz-Oh hey mum." Maura smiled happily at Niall. "Hi son." "What are you doing here?" Please don't mention the pregnancy scare.Please don't mention the pregnancy scare.I chanted in my head. "Oh Kendra said she was getting lonely without you here,so she called me and I came over for a chat." I owe you big time Maura.Niall nodded understandingly. "Oh ok well I was just about to tell Kendra how excited I am for her to hear some of the new tracks we recorded." 
Maura stayed for another twenty minutes before she decided to go. "Nialler why don't you go ahead and go upstairs and shower?" I suggested as Maura was leaving. "Ok." He went and hugged Maura. "Bye mum.Thanks for coming over and keeping Kendra company." "Oh it was no trouble,you know how close we are." Maura said with an underlying meaning.Niall ran upstairs and I led Maura to the door. "Thank you so much for not telling him." I said while I pulled her into a hug. "It's fine sweetie,but you might want to tell him so you two can be safer next time." I blushed and nodded.
I went upstairs to talk to Niall since I barely got to talk to him today.When I went into the bathroom I froze.
Niall must have heard me because he looked away from the pregnancy box and looked towards me.Shit,I forgot to put that in the trashcan outside. "Are-Are you pregnant?" Niall asked quietly. "No.I took a test today and it was negative." I said quietly. "Is that why my mum was here? Why didn't you tell me you thought you were pregnant?" He asked looking offended and hurt. "I wasn't sure if I was or not and I didn't want to worry you." I told him. "So you would tell my mum before even telling me?" Niall said sounding angry. "I was scared Niall! I'm nineteen! I am not ready for a child. I mean we just got married for Christ's sake!" I raised my voice desperately trying to make him listen to reason. "What if you were pregnant?! Would you just hide that from me until the baby was born?!" He shouted angrily. "Of course not! Niall you are being unfair.If I did end up pregnant you know I would have told you! And the only reason I had your mom come over is because I needed someone to help me through this!" "Oh so I wouldn't be helpful? Thanks Kendra.Makes me feel really great." He yelled sarcatically. "I was fucking scared! I didn't want you here when I took the test because I was scared of your reaction.For all I know you could've walked out and left me because you wouldn't be able to handle a child while you are such a big superstar!" I yelled as tears started to stream down my face.Niall's face softened and he walked over to me and pulled me into a hug. "Kendra you know I would never leave you.I was just hurt that you didn't tell me you thought you were pregnant." He whispered as he hugged me. I cried into his shoulder for a minute before I pulled away and wiped away my tears. "I was just scared is all and your mom is the closest thing I have to a mother,so I turned to her because I was unsure of what to do.Your mom is also the one who thought I was pregnant." I said softly. "She did?" Niall asked.I nodded my head. "When her and my dad were about to leave the other day she asked if I was pregnant and she said that she only thought that because apparently I was showing signs." I said all in one breath.Niall nodded. "Alright,but seriously Kendra if this happens again please tell me.You know that I will never ever leave you." Niall said smiling softly at me.I nodded. 
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