It all started with Twitter

Kendra has been through alot but luckily she still has her favorite tv show The X Factor. When the new season starts in Ireland she sees a very cute Irish boy named Niall Horan. When he starts to sing its like an angel. After his performance she tweets him and he then replies and DM's her. Read more to find out what that leads to :)


14. The Bet

*Next Weekend*

*Niall's POV*
Today is the day that Kendra's dad is driving up to our flat so I can meet him and Kendra can catch up with him.I was sitting on the couch watching tv when Kendra came in with an annoyed look on her face.She sat down next to me with the laptop in her hands. "Niall can you please help me with this I don't understand any of it?!" I looked at the laptop and saw she was working on her Algebra 2 homework.If you didn't know Kendra didn't want to go back to her school or leave us so she is taking her last year of high school online.At first I didn't want her too because she would miss Prom,volleyball,and other fun school things but she said it was ok because she went to Prom last year and she said she already has a scholarship for volleyball.I finally agreed but I had something special planned for her.I stared at the problem she was stuck on. "Babe I have no idea how to do this but Liam or Harry probably does so I will ask one of them later but why don't you take a break and finish it tomorrow.Plus your dad will be here soon." I looked at her and her face brightened a bit. "Yeah I guess." She said smiling.I hugged her and glanced down at my watch. 11:43 a.m. Her dad should be here in about two hours.I'm nervous at what her dad will think of me but I am also excited to finally meet him. "Oh and babe my mom is coming over to eat with us if that is ok." I told Kendra smiling. "Of course that is fine! I love your mom!" Kendra said excitedly.Kendra and my mom had gotten really close since we came back from tour.My mom always tells me to not let her go and to treat her like a princess...the usual words from a mom.Kendra hasn't met my dad yet because he has been really busy lately but I know they would get along great.Kendra and I sat in the living room and just watched tv until her dad arrived. *ding* *ding* "That's daddy!" Kendra said excitedly as she raced towards the door.I laughed and walked up behind her to get the door.She opened it and practically tackled her dad in a hug.He laughed. "Hey pumpkin.I missed you!" "I missed you too daddy!" She pulled out of her dads arms and stepped aside to introduce me. "Dad this is my boyfriend Niall." I held out my hand. "Nice to finally meet you Mr.Lewis." He shook my hand and smiled. "Oh please call me John I mean my dad is Mr.Lewis right?" He laughed.I nodded laughing a bit. "Well bring your things in dad and I will start lunch." Kendra said motioning her father to come in.I stepped out and grabbed one of his bags and took it towards the guest room.I stepped in the room and set his bag down by the bed. "Here is where you will be sleeping if that's ok." "That's fine son." We walked out and I showed him around the house.After showing him around we went out on the balcony to talk a little bit.We sat in a comfortable silence for a few minutes before he spoke. "Do you really love my daughter?" Oh here we go the classic father test.Is it bad I'm actually kind of nervous? "More than anything.She is absolutely amazing but I'm pretty sure you already know that." I laughed a little and he just nodded smiling. "Just don't break her heart or I will have to break you." He said sternly but laughed a bit. "I wouldn't even think about hurting Kendra." John smiled and nodded.The balcony door slid open. "Boys dinner is ready whenever you want to eat." Kendra smiled and I jumped up. "Awesome I love your cooking." Kendra laughed. "Nialler you love anything edible." John laughed at Kendra's joke.We walked in and sat down at the table.Kendra brought out her famous pasta bake and my stomach was practically begging for it.As soon as she set the food down John dug in and then Kendra.I waited because I didn't want to seem like a pig in front of her dad.We sat in silence for a moment before John spoke up. "Baby girl this is tastes just like your grandmothers." Kendra blushed slightly. "Thanks daddy but I don't think anyone's cooking can compare to grandma's." John nodded.My phone vibrated and I excused myself as I went to go answer the call. Call from: Liam. "What's up mate?" "Hey how is Kendra's father?" "He is really cool but kind of intimidating.We are having lunch right now so can I call ya later?" "Oh sorry for interrupting.Talk to ya later." I walked back to the table to hear Kendra laughing at something her dad said. "So after lunch do ya want to do something?" I asked. "You kids can have your fun I'm going to go take a nap after that long drive." "Are you sure sir?" "Yeah yeah you guys go have fun just not too much fun." John said looking at Kendra.Kendra rolled her eyes and I laughed quietly. "Dad we won't do anything and you know that." "Ok ok I trust you but ole boyband over here better not try anything." John said jokingly.I laughed. "Trust me sir I'm not the one who pulls the moves in the relationship." I said looking over at Kendra whose face was blushed a deep scarlet. "Ok that's enough c'mon Nialler." Kendra said pushing me out the door.I laughed the whole way to the car.I opened her door and she climbed in and I walked over to the side and hopped in.I was still chuckling.Kendra glared at me. "It's not funny because my dad is gonna kill me!" She exclaimed while playfully slapping my arm.I just laughed more.She fake pouted and looked out the window. "Aww baby I'm sorry." I said in a baby voice.I gave her my famous puppy dog eyes."Fine your forgiven but good luck trying to convince my dad to sleep in the same bed as me." I laughed at her remark. "Kendra your eighteen and its not like we would do anything with your dad in the house." "I guess so." She laughed. "This will be a long weekend for you then huh?" She giggled.I looked at her confused. "What do you mean?" "Oh nothing." Kendra answered innocently.It took me a minute but then realization hit me. "Ya right it will be long for you because who can resist this?!" I said pointing to my body.She giggled. "Oh please." "Do I feel a bet coming on?" I asked intimidatingly. "I believe you do. Rules are we can't kiss or anything like that until my dad leaves unless one of us cracks." "Ugh. Fine but when I win you have to cook for me for a week." "Don't I do that already?" I laughed. "I wasn't done yet. You have to cook in your sexy lingerie." "Niall there is one thing wrong with that..I don't have any lingerie." I smirked. "When we get home check your third drawer down." "Niall...did you buy me lingerie?!" "So what if I did?" I asked smirking.She looked shocked but had a devious smile on her face. "Ok and if I win...which I will you have to cook for me in your leprechaun outfit." "That isn't that bad." I said. "Hey I wasn't done also have to do your Irish jig and sing a song I'm writing in a video." "Ok what's this song your writing." "You'll see." She said smirking evily.What is that song?!We pulled up to an arcade.Kendra squealed with happiness.I smiled and hopped out of the car.I opened her door and she stepped out smiling like an idiot. "Why are you so happy to be at an arcade?" I asked while chuckling at how excited she is. "Because I haven't been to one in like FOREVER and they have always been my favorite." She said while jumping up and down.Kendra began pulling my arm. "C'mon babe I want to kick your ass at some air hockey." I laughed as she pulled me into the arcade. "Your such a dork." I said laughing. "But I'm your dork!!" She said in a sing-song voice.I just chuckled at walked up to a change machine.I put in a $10 knowing Kendra will want to play everything.As soon as I got our change we walked (well Kendra sprinted) to the air hockey table. "So you really think you can beat me at this?" "Ha I know I can beat you." "Uh-huh sure sure we will just have to see about that." Kendra giggled and I inserted the money.I placed the puck in the middle. "Ready to see how it's done Lewis?" "Oh please get ready for an ass-whooping Horan." I just laughed and hit the puck.

*Thirty minutes later*

"DAMNIT" Kendra yelled as I scored my victory point. "Ha I told you!Now let's see...that's my...third win?" I said with victorious smirk.Kendra huffed. "Whatever lets go play that racing game over there." "Aww honey are you mad at me now that I showed you how to really play air hockey?" I asked with a cocky grin.I leaned in close and was about to kiss her when I remembered our bet.I backed away trying to play it cool but Kendra saw what I was about to do. "Looks like someone just can't resist this." Kendra said pointing to herself seductively.I just laughed. "C'mon dork lets go race." I said pulling Kendra over to the racing games. "Nah I don't want to let's play pool." "Uh ok? You just like losing huh?" Kendra leaned in close to my ear and whispered, "I may lose this game but I have another game that I will definitely win." Her flirtatious voice sent shivers down my spine.She winked and then walked over and grabbed two pool sticks.I racked up the balls and shot the first shot.Kendra walked right up in front of me and then bent down slowly to line up her pool stick with the ball.She made sure to stick her ass out and I gulped.Now I know why she wanted to play pool.God why didn't I think of something clever like that?!I won't let this get to me.I won't give in.I'll just think of revenge.What are Kendra's weaknesses?I thought for a moment and then had the perfect plan.I couldn't wait to go to bed tonight because I know Kendra's number one morning voice.We continued playing pool for a little while before playing a few other games.

*2 hours later*

We walked into our flat and it was silent so we figured John was still asleep.I plopped down on the couch and decided to watch some tv while Kendra fixed dinner.Twenty minutes later and I heard the front door squeak open. "I hope you kids are decent" I heard my mum's voice echo through the hallways.I chuckled and walked up to greet her. "Don't worry mum we never do that." "HA ya right.I was young once Niall-" "Mum as much as I love you I don't want to hear about your sex life." She rolled her eyes. "Well where is Kenna?" "Kitchen" I said as we started to walk into the kitchen. "Momma Maura?!" Kendra squealed as she wiped her hands and ran over to my mom and hugged her. "Hi Kenna!" My mom squealed back.I swear my mom acts like a teenage fangirl around Kendra or Kenna as my mum calls her.I rolled my eyes at the two who were chatting up a storm and walked back into the living room.John walked out and sat next to me. "What's on son?" "Boxing" "Aw sweet I love me some boxing." Kendra walked in with my mum and sat on the opposite couch. "Dad this is Niall's mom Maura..Maura this is my dad John." Kendra said smiling.My mom and her dad shared a surprised look and they said a quick hello and then an awkward silence filled the room. "Well I'm going to go check on dinner.Maura would you like to help me with it?" My mom stopped zoning out and said a quick yes and then followed Kendra into the kitchen.Ok what the hell is going on?!My phone vibrated and I took my phone out and looked at the screen.
From:Mrs.Horan;): Ok what the heck is going on between our parents?!

To:Mrs.Horan;):I have no clue but your dad seems deep in thought.

From:Mrs.Horan;):Ok I'll talk to your mom and you just keep my dad busy or something...just do guy stuff idk.

To:Mrs.Horan;):Alright please find out why they are acting weird...loooove youuu! ;)

From:Mrs.Horan;):Ya ya keep it in your pants Horan

I laughed and then attempted at a conversation with John and we actually talked for a while.

*Kendra's POV*
I pulled Maura out of the awkwardness and into the kitchen. "Ok Maura why did you and my dad exchange weird looks?" She took a deep breath before speaking. "I knew John before I met Niall's dad." "Ok what is so bad about that?" "Well...wedatedwhenwewere17andIkindofgotpregnantbutgavethebabyupforadoption." She might have talked fast but I understood every word. "So...lets just forget we has this conversation and try and act normal." "Ok." We walked in to see Niall with the most surprised look on his face.I'm guessing dad told him. "Dinners ready boys." I said with a smile trying to ease the awkward silence.Niall jumps up and heads towards the table.We ate in silence but it wasn't that awkward.Niall hopped up from his chair to put away his plate.He leaned over me and kissed my cheek. "Thanks for dinner babe it was delicious." "Well I'm going to leave thanks for dinner kids and it was nice meeting you John." Maura smiled and left.John smiled and nodded and then went into the living room to watch tv.I decided to pull a little prank on my two favorite men in the world.I walked into the living room and sat next to Niall fidgeting and acting nervous. "Something wrong honey?" Niall asked with concern on his face. "Yeah I'm fine but um...I need to tell you guys something just please dad don't freak out." My dad's head snapped towards me and concern was etched into his face. "What is it baby doll?" "Umm...I'm kind of...pregnant." Niall's face paled and he had fear and...happiness? In his eyes.My dad looked like he was going to kill Niall. "Your WHAT?!" "I'm..playing a prank." I said smiling.Niall and my dad's eyes widened and then confusion filled their faces. "Wait...what?" Niall asked clearly confused. "Hahaha YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN YOUR GUYS' FACES!!" I roared with laughter.My dad and Niall let out a breath of relief. "Don't ever do that to me again!" My dad said with a look of horror and relief. "Kids I'm going to bed and Kendra you aren't aloud to say that until you are 75!" "Ok ok whatever dad." He just laughed and walked back to his room.Great now that my dad is asleep I can win this bet.
*Niall's POV*

"So what do you want to do now babe?" Kendra whispered in my ear seductively while twisting a piece of my hair on her finger.I tensed and gulped.Shit shit shit.Ok she will not win this bet so easily.Revenge plan is looked towards her and smirked.I leaned in towards her face.Our noses were touching and our lips were centimeters apart. "I don't know sweetheart you got any good ideas?" I whispered just as seductively as she did.I saw her grip the couch but then scoot back. "How bout a movie?!" She exclaimed but her voice cracked.Ha! Point for Niall! "Ya lets go up to our room and watch it." "Ok." She said walking upstairs to our room. "Oh can we put a hold on the movie I'm gonna take a shower." "Ok I'll just watch some tv." I quickly took a shower.I stepped out and wrapped a towel around my waist not bothering to dry off.Part two of revenge walked out and my jaw dropped but I quickly recovered.Kendra changed into underwear and a spaghetti strap tank top.She was laying on her stomach reading a book and let's just say her underwear was a little tight.She turned around and smiled. "Oh hey Niall have you read this book it is so interesting.You should read it sometime." She tossed me the book and grinned deviously.I read the cover and my eyes widened.She was reading 50 Shades of Grey. "It also gave me some really good ideas." Kendra whispered in my ear as she ran her hand over my chest.I gulped. Dammit how she so fucking good at this?! I am so close to being done with this bet.No! Snap out of it Niall you can win this! I nodded and went to go get changed.I put on tight boxers that I know Kendra won't be able to resist.I climbed in bed and snuggled up to her. "What movie are we watching?" I whispered while burying my head in the crook of her neck. "Friends with Benefits." She said pressing play.We fell asleep in each others arms and I could not wait to wake up so revenge part three can start.I will win this bet.

(A/N I am soooo so so sorry for not updating in FOREVER but I just couldn't get in the mood to write so again I'm sorry!!I am putting this story off for a bit because I am losing interest but I am starting a new one and Ch.1 should be up! It is called Brother's Bestfriend with Benefits!Comment who you want to win or you think will win the bet. QUESTION:Have you guys read Dark(Harry Styles Fanfic)? Anyway I just thought I would interact with you guys a bit so have a nice life and see you in the next update!! P.S. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I can't believe it is 2013!!!)
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