It all started with Twitter

Kendra has been through alot but luckily she still has her favorite tv show The X Factor. When the new season starts in Ireland she sees a very cute Irish boy named Niall Horan. When he starts to sing its like an angel. After his performance she tweets him and he then replies and DM's her. Read more to find out what that leads to :)


17. Telling the Parents

Please read A/N at the end!!!!
*1 week later*

*Kendra's POV* 

           Today we are telling our parents about our sudden marriage.We invited them over for lunch and after we eat is when we are going to tell them.I am not really worried about Maura because I know she will love the news,I am just worried what my dad will say.I know he won't totally disagree with it,but he won't be very happy at first I'm sure.
We told our close friends a few days ago.The girls were very ecstatic about the news and the guys were happy for us.
I was in the kitchen preparing the side dishes while Niall was grilling some chicken on the grill.I had just set the salad and corn on the table when the doorbell rang.
I rushed down the hallway fixing my hair and putting my ring in my jean pocket.I opened the door to see a smiling Maura at the door.We hugged. "How are you sweetheart?" She greeted happily.I smiled at her as I lead her into the living room. "I'm great.How have you been?" "Oh just fine." Maura said beaming.I always loved being around Maura because she was always just so happy all the time.
"Excuse me for a minute,I'm going to see if Niall is almost done with the chicken." I said getting up off the couch.Maura nodded and I left the room.I slid the back door open slowly and poked my head out. "Hey Nialler your mom is here." He looked my way. "Okay I am almost done.Is your dad here yet?" "No-" I was interrupted by the doorbell. "Yes" I laughed.I walked back inside closing the door behind me and going to answer the door.
"Hi sweetie!" My dad said enthusiastically giving me a hug.I hugged him back. "Hi daddy." I lead him into the living room where Maura was sat flipping through one of my magazines.We chatted for about ten more minutes before Niall came in with the finished chicken breasts.
We sat down and while Niall was reaching  for the corn I saw his ring.My eyes widened.I leaned over to whisper in his ear. "Might want to take your ring off before they figure out the news sooner than desired." His eyes widened and he discreetly slid his ring off and stuck in it his pocket.
We ate in a comfortable silence,occasionally engaging into small talk.
I put away the clean dishes after washing them all properly.Niall had taken our parents out to the back patio while I did the dishes.I walked to the back door and slowly slid it open.I went and sat next to Niall.
He reached for my hand and held it while he continued to talk to my dad about some football (soccer) game.He looked at me and squeezed my hand as in telling me 'We should tell them now'. I nodded and took a deep breath. "We have something to tell you guys." 
(A/N Hii! I am soooo sorry for not updating in FOREVER. I haven't really been in the writng mood and I am lazy so that's why it took forever to update this. I know I left you on a cliffhanger (sort of) but the next chapter will be up either later tonight or tomorrow so don't freak! And I have decided to update shorter chapters but that also means they will be more frequent! I am also going to be ending this soon so let me know if you would want a sequel or if your fine with just reading this. Ok? OK! Byee)

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