It all started with Twitter

Kendra has been through alot but luckily she still has her favorite tv show The X Factor. When the new season starts in Ireland she sees a very cute Irish boy named Niall Horan. When he starts to sing its like an angel. After his performance she tweets him and he then replies and DM's her. Read more to find out what that leads to :)


11. Surprise

*4 months later*
*Kendra's POV*
The tour is coming to an end and it has been amazing. The boys looked like they were at home on the stage. I was kind of surprised at how professional the boys acted on their first tour.
I was sitting on Niall and I's bunk when I heard Juliet scream.
*Juliet's POV*
I woke up in mine and Harry's bed and started screaming/crying. What I had feared the most happened. Kendra ran in with a worried look and then saw what I was screaming/crying about. Her face turned to pure shock as she saw the pool of blood spread on the sheets. Kendra walked up to me and hugged me tight. I heard noises outside the room and Harry walked in. He was in absolute shock and sadness. He ran up to me and hugged me and started to cry softly. "I lost our little girl." I whimpered quietly. He whispered in my hair. "It's ok we can try again." We cuddled together for a little while and then I went in the bathroom and took a long bath. I fell asleep in the bath. I awoke to a faint knock on the door. Liam's fatherly voice rang thought the door. "Juliet?" "What do you need Liam?" I said calmly. "You have been in the bath for over two hours and we were just getting worried." He said with care in his voice. I sighed and stepped out of the tub. "Yes Liam I'm fine I just needed some time to think and relax." I say grabbing a towel. "Oh ok well sorry to disturb you then we were just worried." He said apologetically. "No I fell asleep so it was ok and thank you for caring." I said soothingly. "Ok then and why wouldn't we care for one of our best friends?" He asked as I heard his footsteps walk away from the door. I dressed in one of Harry's t-shirts and my shorts and I stepped out of the bathroom. I walked in the main room and everyone's head turned to me and gave me a saddened expression. I didn't see Harry and started worry a little bit. "Kendra can I talk to you in private for a minute?" I asked quietly. She nodded and we headed to the "kitchen". I looked at her and then back at the ground. "Kendra where is Harry?" She gave a sad look at me and then cleared her voice to speak. "After you went into the bathroom he ran into the boys' bunk room and we heard him crying and yelling so Liam and Louis tried to get in but somehow he locked the door." She said looking down at the floor. Tears were forming in my eyes and I ran up to the bunk room door and knocked quietly. "Go away Louis I told you I'm fine."Harry?" I said softly. I heard rumbling around the room and then he opened the door. I looked at his tear-streaked face and my heart dropped. His once bright green eyes were now a dark (almost black) green. I ran into his arms and hugged tight. He put his head in the crook in my neck and we cried silently in each others arms. I wondered why he was hurt so much. I mean I know I lost the baby but did he really care that much for our unborn girl. "Do you still want to get married?" I asked pulling out of his arms. He wiped tears away and cleared his throat. "Of course I was going to ask you before I knew you were pregnant." "But we are kind of young don't you think?" I ask looking at the floor. He lifts my chin up with one of his fingers and whispers quietly. "Love has no age limit." My heart melted. Now I know why I fell in love with this curly haired boy. We laid down on our bunk and cuddled close together, falling asleep in each others arms.

* Kendra's POV*
After Juliet went to talk to Harry I walked in to the main room and sat next to Zayn. He was very sad this past week since Perrie cheated on him and then got pregnant and broke up with him. I wanted to make him happy by helping him move on. I only thought of one person that would be perfect for him. Kelsey. Kelsey was a friend of mine. We met in 6th grade when she moved to Ireland from Sweden. When we first met she had a strong Swedish accent but she started to have an Irish accent by the end of 7th grade. I excused myself and went to the kitchen and called her. It rang three times before she answered. "Hello?" She asked curiously. She must not have checked the Caller ID. "Hey Kels it's Kendra." She gasped a little. "Oh hey Mrs. Horan!!!" She said dragging out the y in hey. I laughed. "Not yet." I said laughing slightly. "Wait! Are you guys engaged?!" I laughed so hard at her response. "No we are just dating dork." "Oh." She said sounding disappointed. I giggled. "So what are you doing tomorrow?" I asked. "Uhhhh eating." She said happily. "Shocker." I said sounding not so surprised. I swear that girl eats as much as an elephant but yet she still weighs nothing. "Why do ya want to know?" She asked confused. "Because Zayn wants to meet some new people and I thought you and him would get along good." I heard her scream with excitement. I laughed as she continued to talk to me. "Uh well yes I suppose I could meet you guys sometime tomorrow." I laughed at her trying to be serious with me when her little fangirling heart is exploding with happiness. "Ok then we are heading to Dublin in a few hours and tomorrow we can meet at Nando's around 11?" I asked making sure it was ok. "Ok that's fine. See you tomorrow, and thanks Kendra you are the best!" She said like a giddy 5 yr old. I ended the call and Niall walked in. "Hey babe." He said putting his arms around my waist. "Tomorrow we are all going to Nando's at 11 to meet an old friend of mine." I said in a demanding tone. "Ok but I get Peri-Peri chicken as soon as we get there and then I'll say hi to your friend." He said happily. I laughed. "She will probably do the same thing." "So why are we meeting one of your old friends?" He asked putting his head on my shoulder. I turned to face him and said, "Well Zayn is really heartbroken and he needs to move on so I feel like they would go together good. Niall nodded in agreement. "Ok babe go ahead and be love matcher...I'm gonna get some food." I laughed and walked back to our bunk. I laid down and slowly closed my eyes as I smiled about tomorrow's day of events.

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