It all started with Twitter

Kendra has been through alot but luckily she still has her favorite tv show The X Factor. When the new season starts in Ireland she sees a very cute Irish boy named Niall Horan. When he starts to sing its like an angel. After his performance she tweets him and he then replies and DM's her. Read more to find out what that leads to :)


16. Drunk Dialing and Honeymoons


*Harry's POV* 
    It has been a few days since Juliet and I decided to start over and it has been going pretty smoothly.We still live together though. It was around 2 o'clock in the morning when I got a phone call from Kendra. "Hello?" "Heeeyyyyy bestiiie!!!" She was drunk.oh god. "Hey Kendra are you drunk?" "Nooooo silly I'm married!!" My mouth dropped for a minute but then I remembered that she is drunk and could easily be making things up. "Sure you are sure you Niall there?" "Yesssh!....Baaabbbyy! My bestiee wants to speak wif youuu!" She sang out loudly.I heard shuffling on the other end and then Niall's voice coming through the phone. "Heelllooo?" "Niall are you drunk?" "I had a few pints why?" "Why did Kendra call me?" "I don't know she's too smashed too know what the fuck she is doing." He laughed. "Ok Niall well I gotta go back to sleep." "Ok night Haz...oh wait one more thing!" Niall yelled. "What?" I asked amusement lacing my tone. "Kendra and I got married!" He yelled and hung up.I literally stared at my phone for what seemed like hours.When I finally shook out of my trance I shook Juliet who was lying next to me. "Uuuh....what is it?!" She groaned into her pillow. "Babe! Niall and Kendra got married!" "I know I was a witness." She said turning over and going back to sleep.What the hell? Whatever I'll ask questions later.

*Next Day* 

*Kendra's POV*
I woke up feeling nauseous so I raced to the bathroom and puked up my hangover.My head was absolutely killing me.I quickly brushed my teeth and then I reached in the medicine cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Ibuprofen.I turned the faucet on and threw back three pills and gulped down the cool water.I walked out of the bathroom to see a half-naked Niall sprawled out on the bed,snoring loudly.I smiled softly and walked over to the bed.I crawled on the bed up next to him and hooked my right leg over his and rested my chin on his shoulder.
"Niiiialler.....Niiiall." I said in a sing-song voice while rubbing circles on his opposite shoulder. "Mmm whaa?" He mumbled. "Baby it's time to get up." "Give me five minutes." He whined.I sighed and got off the bed.I went downstairs and plopped on the couch.I turned on the tv and what I saw shocked me.It was absolutely horrifying! I wanted to go and kill Niall! was.......Jersey Shore!!!! (A/N I bet you thought she was going to see a news story about Niall cheating huh?Trolololol I'm not that cliche) I can't believe he left it on this channel last night! Gross.I changed it to Spongebob.Fuck yeah! I love Spongebob! I was halfway through the episode when I felt someone behind me. "Hello Mrs.Horan" Niall said kissing my cheek.
I beamed at my changed last name.I still can't believe we got married last night.I have to call my dad and we have to tell Niall's parents and our friends.I don't think our friends will mind,but I know my dad will flip at first,but he will be ok after a while.Niall's parents will most likely be the same way,but I have gotten really close to Maura,so hopefully she won't be too mad.
Niall must have noticed the change in my facial expression. "What are you thinking about babe?" I sighed.I don't want to damper the mood,but I have to ask him. "Do you think we should have waited to get married and just have stayed engaged for a while?" I asked quietly.
Niall's eyebrows furrowed together in thought for a moment before he shook his head no. "No,we are still going to have a wedding and everything,we just took care of the 'I do's'".I thought about what he said for a moment.Niall did have a point.We were eventually going to get married anyway,so why not get it done sooner? 
"You do have a point,but what about our parents? What will they think of us already getting married?" I inquired.Niall shrugged. "My mom will be too excited about planning the wedding to think about it and my dad will be proud that I am marrying and I quote, "A fine-looking,caring lass"." Niall laughed.I laughed along with him.
"Yeah,my dad will be a little shocked at first,but he will just have to get over it." I said giggling. 
"Now that we discussed that,how about we decide where we are going for our honeymoon." He asked getting up to most likely go get the laptop.Niall came back with the laptop under his arm.He sat next to me and opened the laptop on his lap.
Once he opened up the browser Niall typed into google Top ten honeymoon vacation spots.We started scrolling through the list and ended up picking our top three.
1.Turtle Island (Fiji)
I wanted to go to Turtle Island,but Niall wanted to go to Spain.We crossed off Argentina and debated on the two we had left.After about ten minutes of 'debating' I got an idea. "Okay since we can't decide let's call one of our friends and ask them to pick." I said. "Well how do we ask them without telling them the names of the places?" "Easy.We just tell them one or two and that's where we are going." "Ok.Spain is 1 and Turtle Island is 2." Niall reasoned.I nodded and Niall picked up his phone. "Who shall we call?" Niall asked in a horrible posh accent. "Let's call Lou." I said smiling. "My stylist?" Niall asked. "Yeah." "Ok." 
Niall scrolled through his contacts and then clicked on Lou Teasdale's number.He put his phone on speaker so I could hear as well.After three rings she answered. "Yeah Niall?" Lou's voice rang out of the phone. "Hey Lou um I have a random question for you." "Uh ok what is it?" She asked hestiantly. "If you could pick number 1 or number 2 which would you choose?" Lou laughed. "Why are you asking me this?" She chuckled. "Kendra and I are having a little disagreement and we need to settle it so we decided to call you to pick who is right." "Well, I guess 2?" Lou chose.I jumped off the couch and did a victory dance. "Ok. Thanks Lou." "Uh you're welcome,I guess?" Lou chuckled.They said their goodbyes and hung up. "Turtle Island it is!" 

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