It all started with Twitter

Kendra has been through alot but luckily she still has her favorite tv show The X Factor. When the new season starts in Ireland she sees a very cute Irish boy named Niall Horan. When he starts to sing its like an angel. After his performance she tweets him and he then replies and DM's her. Read more to find out what that leads to :)


5. Do you?

*Juliet’s POV*

Wow. Last night was amazing. I woke up in the arms of a shirtless Harry. I looked at his picture-perfect body. How did I get someone so perfect? He stirred a little and then his beautiful green eyes caught my gaze. He smiled and then kissed me lightly on my lips. “Morning beautiful.” I smiled at his flawless face. “Morning Haz.” “Want me to make you some breakfast?” he asked in his deep, raspy morning voice. “After last night I will gladly make YOU breakfast.” I said putting emphasis on gladly. Then laughing a little. He just laughed with me. “Alright darling whatever you want.” He laid back down and I hopped out of bed. I was only in my bra and panties so I grabbed some sweatpants and a tank top. After I had changed I went into the bathroom to see if I looked like a nightmare. Eh kind of. My hair was all over the place. I guess the technical term for that nowadays is “sex hair”. I brushed it down and managed to look half decent. I walked out of the bathroom and my phone started to ring. Now who the hell would be calling me at 8:30 in the morning? I looked at the caller ID and it was a business. I answered it. “Hello?” I asked confused. “Hello is this Miss Andrews?” a woman asked sweetly. “Uhh yeah.” I answered.  What did she want? “Well this is the Vida hotel and we were wondering if you are still staying here for your reservations?” she asked me kindly. Oh crap I totally forgot about our hotel. “Could you hold on for a minute?” I asked her sweetly. “Yes of course.” I put my phone down and ran to Kendra’s room. She wasn’t in there so I figured she was in Niall’s room. I slowly walked in hoping she was in there. Sure enough there she was cuddling into Niall’s chest. Awwww. I tiptoed towards her and shook her awake. “Whaaaat.” Kendra asked angrily. “I am on the phone with the hotel we were supposed to stay at and they want to know if we still are staying so I came to ask you…are we?” “No” I heard Niall say in a sleepy voice. Kendra looked at half-asleep Niall and smiled. “Well if you want to stay here we can and if you don’t we can go to the hotel.” she told me nicely. Without hesitation I said “Yes of course!” I said with maybe too much enthusiasm. Kendra looked at me with a relieved look on her face.  I smiled and walked back to Harry’s room. I picked my phone up. “Ma’am?” I asked hoping she didn’t forget about me. “Yes. Have you made a decision?” “Yes I am going to have to cancel the reservations.” “Okay thank you. Have a nice day now.” “Thanks you too.” The call ended and Harry looked up at me. “Who was that?” he asked curiously. “The hotel Kendra and I were supposed to stay at but we cancelled so we could stay with you boys…if that’s ok?” I smiled at him. “That’s great Juliet!” He said with his beautiful green eyes sparkling. I smiled a toothy grin and then grabbed my ipad and headed downstairs to make breakfast. I turned on Ed Sheeran and turned it all the way up. I then proceeded to start making ham and cheese omelets.

*Harry's POV*

I woke up to her beautiful face looking at me. I locked onto her gaze and then offered to make breakfast but she insisted on making me breakfast. I just agreed and then she went out into the hallway to speak on the phone. I just laid down and got on twitter. I followed a few people and then read some tweets. “@Harry_Styles  Will you marry me? (It’s simple but effective ;D)” I smiled and then replied. “@1Dscarrots Sorry babe I’m taken by an angel : ) (nice reference to the video diaries) Xx” Almost instantly I received a billion replies. Here are a few examples: “Who is this angel you speak of? And why didn’t you include my username ;)” “Verrry lucky girl #Jelly” “What happened to our wedding?!  : (“. Our fans were so sweet. Ten minutes later Juliet came back into the room and I asked her who she was talking to. She told me it was the hotel and then she told me they cancelled their reservations and were going to stay here if it was ok. Of course it was ok!! After we talked for a few more minutes she went downstairs to make breakfast. I heard “Small Bump” playing downstairs. I walked down the stairs and heard Juliet in the kitchen singing. “You’re just a small bump unknown; you’ll grow into your skin….With a smile like hers and a dimple beneath your chin.” Her voice was absolutely perfect. I stepped in the kitchen and started to sing with her. She looked up at me and blushed.” Did you just hear me singing?” She asked nervously. “Yes and you have a wonderful voice.” I flashed a smile and then helped her complete breakfast.

*Kendra’s POV*

I laid there with a pillow over my face. I had a KILLER headache. I had a huge hangover and I don’t know why because I didn’t drink that much.(A whole bottle of champagne isn’t too much *Insert sarcastic voice here*)  After Juliet came in and woke me up and I couldn’t fall back asleep. I removed the pillow and the sunlight hit my face. “Oww” I moaned while covering my face again. “What’s the matter?” Niall asked concerned. “I think I have a hangover.” I said whining. Niall laughed “I forgot you were a first time drinker last night…I shouldn’t have let you have that much…I will go get you some ibuprofen.” “Thank you so much Niall.” I said to him and gave him a smile. He started to walk away when I stopped him with my words. “I had a really nice time last night.” I got up and hugged him. I put my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist and nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck. He always gave the best hugs. We stayed like that for a few minutes then we pulled apart. I beamed with happiness and went to go lay back down when Niall took me by my wrist and turned me around until our noses were touching. He then zealously kissed me. My stomach turned into knots and my heart skipped at least four beats. I kissed him back putting my hand on his cheek. We pulled apart and then he whispered, “I love you Kendra and I have been in love with you since the first time I heard your beautiful voice on the phone.” “Niall you don’t know how long I have wanted to tell you I love you I just wanted to find the right time but I have loved you ever since I heard your phenomenal voice on the X Factor.” “So does this mean….I mean will you…” He was stumbling over his words. I just planted my lips on his and then pulled out of the kiss. “Yes.” I answered the question he was trying to ask. He grinned at me showing his adorable crooked smile. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and then went downstairs to get me something for my head. I went to my suitcase and found my laptop and climbed back into the bed. I opened it and then went online to a modeling website. I didn’t want to go back to high school because of bullies so I looked at different modeling jobs. I found a really high-paying one and it doesn’t require a high school diploma, the only thing that matters is experience. I have modeled a little before. From when I was seven until I was fourteen, I modeled for a few billboards, this past summer I modeled for driving safety ads and I also modeled for small magazines for their fashion section. I clicked on the details about the job when Niall walked in. He set a glass of water on the bedside table and then handed me three pills. I took them with ease. My headache had softened a little but the pills should kick in in about half an hour. “What are you looking at babe?” He looked at my screen and smiled. “Oh am I dating a model now?” He asked excitedly. I laughed and then told him, “Not yet…for now your just stuck with a girl from Dublin.” He smiled. “That perfectly fine with me….so why are you looking at modeling jobs?” he asked me with curiosity. “Well…I don’t want to go back to high school because I got bullied a lot and I have modeled a little before and I wanted to experience it again.” I looked down at my feet after thinking about her and how much that bully affected me.  Niall looked at me with sorrowful eyes. “Who bullied you?!” Niall asked angrily. “Why do you want to know? It’s not like we can do anything about it now.” I said saddening. “BECAUSE I want to know who would bully such a perfect girl and I want to punch them in their throats.” Niall yelled and he looked heartbroken. “No Niall, I’m not perfect and don’t bring violence into this because then in the end you are just a big a bully as her.” I said calmly. “You ARE perfect Kendra and your right we shouldn’t bring violence into this but I just want to know why…and who.” Niall said tears filling his eyes. Did he really care for me this much? “Well her name is Barbie and she would call me horrible things and she even made up a rumor about Juliet and I being lesbians.” Niall tensed up with anger. “Why would someone even want to do that?!” “I don’t know but let’s just get back on the subject of modeling.” I told him softly. “Ok… so have you applied for any jobs yet?” “Well I am about to apply for this one.” “I know you will get the job” He said confidently. I looked at him and giggled. “How are you so sure?” “Because you have a perfect body and you have the most adorable face in the world!” “Have you looked in the mirror lately Mr. Horan?” I asked laughing. He could model a trash bag and still make it look sexy. He blushed a light shade of red and then his phone started to ring. He looked down and frowned. “Hold on a sec honey.” “Hello?” he answered the phone. Who was he talking to? “Ugh right now? Fine.” He ended the call and then looked at me. “Paul just called we have a meeting to talk about signings and interviews.” “Ok babe have fun.” I giggled and kissed his cheek. I giggled and he went downstairs to get Harry.

*Harry’s POV*

Juliet and I were eating our breakfast when Niall came into the kitchen. “Harry, Paul just called. We have to meet with him and the other boys to talk about signings and interviews.” I finished the rest of my breakfast than gave Juliet a kiss on the cheek. “Be back later sweetie, love you.” I told Juliet as I walked out of the house. We climbed in Niall’s car and it was silent for a few minutes before I broke it. “Are you and Kendra dating?” He smiled. “Ya we started dating this morning, I told her I loved her and she told me she wanted to say she loves me a long time ago but she wanted to wait until we met.” Niall told me with the biggest smile on his face. “Well since we both have girlfriends now do you think we should invite the boys over tonight so they can meet each other?”  I asked with a grin. “That sounds absolutely delightful.” Niall said in his most posh voice. I laughed and then we talked a little more until we arrived at Paul’s house. We walked in and we saw the rest of the boys sitting on the couch. “Hey guys!” Niall said with happiness. “Hey!” Louis screamed. We sat next to them and Paul started to talk to us. “Well we have about twenty interviews and signings before the UK/Irealand tour which is in a month.” Niall, Louis, and I had sad looks on our faces because we know that we would have to leave the girls for three months. “Can we bring our girlfriends?” I asked suddenly. “Ya I really want to bring Kendra.” Niall agreed with me. The rest of the boys and Paul looked at Niall and I. “And when did you two get girlfriends?” Paul asked curiously. “This morning.” Niall piped with happiness. “Last night.” I said with a huge smile on face. “Niall we already knew you and Kendra were going to end up together but Harry who are you dating?” Liam asked I smiled at the thought of how I asked Juliet. “Well her name is Juliet and she is one of Kendra’s friends. We went on a date and then I asked her out.” I answered and then Louis looked at with a huge smile on his face. “Aww are you Juliet’s Romeo?” Louis asked making kissy faces. I laughed. “You know that is how I asked her out?” I smiled and they looked at me smiling. “Harry your so cheesy I swear.” Liam laughed. “Okay boys you can have the girls on tour but, if they mess things up they are off.” Paul said seriously. “They couldn’t mess up anything if they tried.” Niall said with a laugh. “I’ll text Eleanor and see if she can go.” Louis said with excitement. “Okay well that is it for today but our first interview is in a week on the Alan Carr show.” Paul said as we leaped from the couch and headed for the door. “See you in a week Paul!” We shouted in unison. We climbed in our cars and I texted the boys. To: Liam: Hey want to come over and meet our girls? : )” He replied saying it was fine and they couldn’t wait.

*Kendra’s POV*

When Niall and Harry left I walked downstairs to talk to Juliet. “Hey girl hey” I said smiling as I said our normal greeting. “Hey girl hey!” Juliet replied with enthusiasm. “So are you and Harry finally dating?” I asked with a smile. “Yes and what do you mean finally?” She asked with a smile. “It was so obvious he liked you.” I replied nonchalantly. She blushed a light pink. “Was it really that obvious?” She asked shyly. “Of course it was! When he would look at you his eyes would light up and you two were acting all lovey dovey towards each other.” I told her with enthusiasm. She smiled and then looked up at me. “Is Niall finally yours?” She asked grinning like an idiot. “Ya he asked me this morning!” She kept looking at me and she had the biggest smile on her face. “Harry asked me if he could be my Romeo…how did Niall ask you?” I smiled at the thought. “Well he told me he has loved me for a long time and I told him I have loved him for the longest time as well and then we kissed and he was stumbling over his words trying to ask me so I kissed him and said yes.” “Juliet it was perfect. Whenever we kiss it is like a butterfly army is taking over my stomach and it is not just sparks that fly, its fireworks! He is just so amazing and I can really see a wonderful future with him.” I spoke with so much happiness in my voice. “ Aw thanks babe.” Niall spoke and hugged me. “D-Did you just hear all that?” I asked embarrassed. “Only from the part when you were talking about how we started dating.” He said with a slight laugh. Juliet started busting out laughing and Harry walked over to her and they started whispering to each other. I looked at them and whispered, “It’s rude to whisper.” They starting laughing and then the front door swung open. “WE ARE HERE TO MEET THE LADIES!!” Louis yelled at the top of his lungs. We laughed and then walked out into the living room. “Lads this is Juliet and this Kendra.” Harry said pointing to each girl. “Kendra, Juliet this is Louis, Li-“I cut Harry off. “We know who they are…are you forgetting we are Directioners?” I said laughing. Harry put his hands up in defense. “My bad gurrl.” We laughed and they shook hands. Then I noticed a girl with Louis. “And this must be the lovely Eleanor.” I asked holding out my hand for her to shake. “Hi it is nice to meet you.” She said and shook Juliet and I’s hands. “I admire your modeling so much.” I complimented her and she blushed. “Thank you very much.” She said shyly. “You know Kendra is a model!” Niall said with glee. I blushed. “I’m not a model yet Nialler calm yourself.” I said slightly laughing. “Well you would make a wonderful model.” Eleanor piped up. “Thank you very much.” We made small talk until Niall complained he was hungry. I sighed and then the three of us girls went in the kitchen and made snacks. We made pizza rolls, french fries, and chicken nuggets. We walked in and the boys’ eyes lit up. As soon as we set the food down on the coffee table the boys attacked it like wild animals. “Jesus boys it isn’t your last meal calm down.”  Juliet said laughing. Eleanor and I started laughing with her. After the boys devoured the food we settled down on the couch. We decided to watch a few movies. We decided on three movies, Scream, Bridesmaids, and Liam insisted on watching Toy Story. On one couch, I was cuddled up to Niall and Harry was holding Juliet next to us and then Eleanor and Louis were snuggled on the other couch and then Liam and Zayn sat on the floor in front of the tv. We started Scream and I was excited because it was my favorite scary movie and I haven’t seen it in a long time. I felt Niall squeeze my hand when the killer popped up at Casey’s house. “Aw Nialler are you scared babe?” I whispered sweetly. He looked at me. “No o-of course not babe are you?” He asked smiling. I knew he was scared. He was such a bad liar. “Nope I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this.” I said smiling. “Ok babe” He said laughing. When Billy came back for the second scare after he was “Dead” Niall jumped and I started laughed. “Nialler I thought you said you weren’t scared?” I asked laughing. “That just….shocked me.” He said smiling. “Okay whatever you say babe.” I said rolling my eyes. The movie ended and then we watched the other movies. After both of the movies were over the boys left and I headed upstairs to get in the shower. Once I got out of the shower and I changed I climbed into bed with Niall. He held me close. “I have to leave to go on tour next month but Paul said you and Juliet could come if you want.” “Of course I do Niall” I said beaming. He smiled and kissed my forehead. “I love you Kendra.” “I love you to Niall.” We then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

*Juliet’s POV*

Tonight was awesome. I met the rest of the boys and Eleanor. We watched a few movies and then the boys and Eleanor left. Harry went upstairs and I cleaned up a little before heading upstairs. I walked into Harry’s room and he was lying in bed on Twitter. “Hey babe.” I said as I crawled into bed next to him. “Hi sweetheart.” He said looking at me. I locked eyes with him. Man those green eyes were so hypnotizing. We cuddled close to each other and then he asked me, “Do you want to go on tour with me?” I got excited and told him yes. We snuggled together and I fell asleep with his strong arms holding me tight

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