It all started with Twitter

Kendra has been through alot but luckily she still has her favorite tv show The X Factor. When the new season starts in Ireland she sees a very cute Irish boy named Niall Horan. When he starts to sing its like an angel. After his performance she tweets him and he then replies and DM's her. Read more to find out what that leads to :)


13. Date night and Phone conversations

*Niall's POV*

I woke up holding Kendra close to me.I smiled after replaying last nights events in my head.I gently slid out of bed and pulled on some boxers and sweatpants.I kissed her forehead and went downstairs to get some breakfast.I walked in the kitchen and saw Liam sipping on some coffee.I smiled at him and walked up to the fridge.I scanned what we had and groaned."Don't we have any food?" I asked disappointed. Liam just laughed at me."Your fridge is basically overflowing with food, how can you not find something to eat?" Liam asked laughing.I just rolled my eyes and decided on some cereal.I dug into my bowl when Kendra walked in wearing my shirt from last night and some short shorts.Liam looked up at her hair that was scrambled in every direction and laughed lightly."So you and Nialler had a little fun last night?" Liam asked with a smile.Kendra and I just laughed as a light blush crept onto her cheeks.I walked over to Kendra and gave her a peck on the lips."Morning beautiful." I said with a smile. "Morning handsome." She said while walking to get something to eat.I heard yelling coming from upstairs and I got confused.Who would be yelling this early?I looked at Kendra and Liam and they had the same expression as I did.We walked in the living room to get a better listen and I heard Juliet yelling and then Harry yelled back.Uh-oh what was happening with them? Liam thought it would be a good time to leave and pick up Danielle so he left while Kendra and I just stood downstairs wondering.

*Harry's POV*

I woke up and was surprised when I saw Juliet sitting up her back against the wall,playing with her engagement ring.I saw a tear slip down her face.I wiped it away with my thumb.She jumped at my touch.What was wrong with her? "Baby what's wrong?" I asked concerned. "I don't think I am ready to get married." Those words crushed my heart.Why doesn't she want to get married? I thought we were in love. She seemed so eager before.Questions raced through my mind. "W-why not?" I asked scared of her response."We are a little young don't you think?" She asked quietly.We were eighteen yeah but I believe age is just a number."Maybe but age is just a number." I said calmly. She shook her head. "But don't you think we rushed into this relationship?" "YOUR THE ONE WHO GOT PREGNANT!" I shouted instantly regretting it. A tear slipped down her cheek."WELL YOUR THE ONE WHO HAD SEX WITH ME IM NOT THE ONLY ONE TO BLAME AND YOU WERE GOING TO ASK ME TO MARRY YOU BEFORE YOU KNEW I WAS CARRYING YOUR CHILD!" I was taken aback by her words but I mew it was true.She sunk down by the wall.I walked over to her and hugged her tight."I just think we rushed into it I mean we were basically making out the day we met." Juliet whispered.Her words stung my heart but in a way I agreed."Ok how about we start over.I will take this and put it away until we are ready for it." I said as I slid the ring off her finger and put it in the bedside table drawer.She nodded and smiled. "Thank you for being so understanding." She whispered as she laid her head on my chest. "I'm glad you pointed something out or else we could possibly be filing for divorce after a week." She laughed slightly at my response as I held her tight. Someone faintly knocked on the door.I looked up towards the door."Yeah?" "Uh is everything um okay?" Kendra asked sounding afraid. "Come in and you will find out." I said while Juliet looked up at me smiling. Kendra walked in slowly and when she saw us holding each other relief flashed through her eyes."I'm glad everything is alright but we heard yelling and we were worried." My smile weakened at this.Were we that loud? "Ya uh we...just had a little disagreement is all,but we are ok now." Juliet smiled.Kendra smiled and nodded and then disappeared out of the room and went downstairs. "Are you going to tell them that the wedding is postponed?" I asked unsure of how we were going to tell the others. "I will tell the girls and you can tell the guys." "Ok that seems fair." After that we just laid in bed all day while Niall,or Kendra asked us every two hours if we needed something.Around eight o'clock we finally walked downstairs to be greeted by Niall who was in deep concentration on his Fifa video game."Where is Kendra?" Juliet asked Niall. "Kitchen making some dinner" he said quickly not taking his eyes off the tv.Juliet and I walked into the kitchen to see Kendra happily cooking some pasta thing and whistling some Dean Martin tune.Juliet walked up behind Kendra quietly and started singing what Kendra was whistling. "Like a fella once said ain't that a kick in the head!" Kendra jumped and started laughing with Juliet.I walked out of the kitchen to let the girls have their fun and I went to sit next to Niall."Are you serious?! The goal was wide open!!" Niall exclaimed angrily.I started to laugh at how focused he was on the game.He lost the game and slammed the controller on the ground. "Son of a bitch!" Niall yelled angrily.I laughed and he gave me a death glare. "What are you laughing at curly?" He asked sharply but grinning.I smiled. "Oh nothing just laughing at your sucking." His smile dropped and then turned back to the tv. "Feel like playing a little bit of zombies?" Niall asked smiling. "Ok but when I win don't break the controller." I said slightly laughing. "Whatever you know I always kick your ass at COD." He replied with a cocky smile.I rolled my eyes and grabbed the controller as Niall put in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

*Kendra's POV*

Juliet and I finished making my famous pasta bake while singing Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin songs.I have always loved swing music and before One Direction Juliet and I would blare my Rat Pack CD and dance around the house.Just as we were about to finish setting the table I heard Niall exclaim "Shit shit...go go go NO!".Juliet and I started laughing since we knew Harry just beat Niall at COD...again.I walked in the living room to see Niall sitting on the couch looking very angry as Harry sat next to him with a proud smile. "So what did you bet this time?" I asked Niall laughing.He just gave me a death glare and muttered "nothing". "Well if it makes you feel any better dinner is ready." Niall jumped from his seat and walked to the table.I laughed and followed him in the kitchen.I turned around to see if Harry and Juliet were coming and I saw their hands intertwined as they slowly made their way to the dining table.I chuckled to myself as I saw the love in their eyes.I walked to the table to see Niall standing behind my chair and pulling it out for me.Wait...Niall isn't sitting down and the food is untouched?I sat down a little shocked as he sat next to me not touching the food until Harry and Juliet made their way to the table. "Ok who are you and what happened to my food-loving boyfriend?" I asked giggling. "I just thought I would be polite on our double date." He replied grinning. "Double date? But Niall we always eat dinner like this unless we have company." "Ya I know but I thought maybe this night could be different." He said grinning from ear to ear.I can tell by the look in his eyes he has something planned.I got caught up in his eyes and we were just staring in each other eyes until Harry and Juliet's whispering knocked us out of it.Harry cleared his throat and then began to speak. "Uh guys we umm...have something to tell you." Oh god please Juliet don't be pregnant again please please.Niall and I nodded our heads for them to continue. "We umm are postponing the wedding until we are ready." Harry spoke while holding Juliet's hand tight.Relief washed through my body. "That's great I'm glad you guys are waiting." I said smiling at them.They seemed to relax and we finished our dinner.I was washing the dishes when Niall came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. "Babe someone wants to talk to you." He whispered in my ear sending shivers down my body.I looked at him with a confused look and then went to the house phone and picked it up.
*Phone Convo* (K-Kendra D-Other person)


D-Hi sweetie!


D-Yes how are you?

K-I'm perfect daddy how are you? I haven't talked to you in forever.

D-I'm fine sweetie.I talked to Niall a few minutes ago.

K-Oh...what did you two talk about?

D-Well I called to check up on you and he answered and we just had small talk and he invited me to come up next weekend!

K-Oh that's awesome! I can't wait for you to meet him and our friends!

D-Ya I can't wait either and when I talked to him he seemed like a good kid..he treats you like a princess right?

K-Of course he does daddy...he treats me better than a princess!

D-He better I don't want to have to pull out the gun show on him

K-Dad you won't even have to think about pulling out the flab show *laughs*

D-Hey your dad is still pretty tough!

K-Whatever helps you sleep at night

D-Anyway I think I will like him even though you weren't supposed to have a boyfriend till you were 30

K-Dad I will always be your little girl even if I am in love

D-Did you just say you were in love?!

K-Dad I have been in love with him since our first text

D-Oh well uh just uh I gotta go sweetie I love you

K-I love you too daddy bye

D-Bye Hun

*End of Phone call*

I turned around smiling until I ran into Niall. "So you were in love with me before we started dating?" He asked with a huge smirk on his face.I blushed.He engulfed me in a famous Horan hug and whispered softly in my ear. "Because I was too." I couldn't help but smile as wide as ever.I think if I tried to smile any bigger my face would split.Niall leaned in and pressed his warm lips against my forehead and we just stood there hugging until Louis burst through the door. "Hello!" He sang as Eleanor rolled her eyes at him.The rest of the gang walked through the door and my smile only widened when I saw Zayn holding Kelsey's hand.It is about time they got together and he moved on.We all had a great time laughing and us girls gossiping.Then Juliet asked if we could talk in the kitchen real quick.We all nodded and Dani,El,Kelsey and I followed Juliet in the kitchen.I already knew what she was telling them from the look she gave Harry before taking us in the kitchen.I don't know why they are making a big deal out of it. "So what did you need to tell us?" El asked while sitting on one of the barstools at the island.Juliet looked nervous and then just blurted it out. "Harry and I are deciding to take things slow and postpone the wedding until we are 100% sure we are ready." After she said it she looked down a little nervous for how the girls would react.Honestly I don't see the big deal I mean of course the girls will be happy for Juliet and Harry making such a sensible decision. "That's great news! I am so glad you two are working things out." Dani beamed.Eleanor and Kelsey agreed and smiled wide.I knew the girls would be happy.We walked into the living room and we all snuggled up to our boyfriends while we had a big discussion.Ok maybe the big discussion only lasted like five minutes before we all got caught up in our own little conversations.Louis,El,Niall,and I were talking and then randomly started having a staring contest.Eleanor and I immediately lost since we couldn't keep a straight face and ended up blinking.Louis and Niall were still staring for what seemed like forever.Niall found a sneaky way to relieve his burning eyes without blinking.He would squint his eyes to where they were almost closed.Louis tried to count that as cheating but while arguing about if it was cheating he blinked.Niall shot up excitedly and stuck his tongue out at Louis.Ladies and Gentlemen please meet my oh so mature boyfriend.Kelsey and Dani were talking about weird foods from countries that I can't even hardly think about pronouncing, Liam and Zayn were laughing about some face switcher app,and Harry and Juliet were holding hands just looking at each other with loving eyes.


I woke up on the floor in the kitchen and started to wonder how I got there.I glanced at the old wooden clock in the kitchen and it told me it was seven in the morning.I tried to remember what happened but the last thing I remember is laughing at some stupid joke Harry had told.I stood up instantly regretting it.I felt dizzy and I held on the counter top for balance.After I regained myself I walked to the bathroom to find Louis sprawled out on the floor in a pink bra and yoga pants and Niall was passed out in the bathtub fully clothed and there was about three inches of water.I laughed and then went to the living room to see Zayn asleep on the coffee table and Liam and Dani were cuddled together on the couch.I wondered where Eleanor and Kelsey were and looked around a bit more to see if I could find them.Sure enough I did.I found Kelsey by the front door curled up in a ball with a bag of...Cheetos?I still haven't seen Eleanor and since I don't remember what happened last night I got a little worried.I walked out to the back porch to get some air when I found El wide awake sitting in one of the lawn chairs. "Hey El" I said my voice very scratchy and weird.I looked at Eleanor who smiled up at me. "Hi what are you doing up so early?" She asked sweetly. "I could ask you the same question" I smiled back at her taking a seat next to her. "Well about an hour ago I woke up to the sweet sound of Louis' alcohol intake getting back at him." I then remembered a little bit of last night.It all started with Niall wanting a drink...

"Alright who is ready to have some fun?!" Niall asked excitedly while he pulled out the vodka.We all agreed and grabbed shot glasses.I grabbed the orange juice out of the fridge and Liam gave me a weird look. "What is that for?" He asked with the most confused face. "It is to chase the makes it soo much better trust me." "Oh ok cool." We all filled our glasses and shot them down quick.Then that led to a few more shots...which led to music being turned on...which led to dancing like lunatics....which led to Louis being dared to strip....which led to I am not quite sure.

*Flashback over*

Eleanor and I sat out there for a good half hour just laughing about last night.We were laughing about Niall getting up on the kitchen table and doing an Irish jig when a disheveled looking Louis walked outside.Eleanor and I tried not to laugh at his appearance.Louis looked down and made the most confused face ever. "What the hell did we do last night?" He asked while I clipping the bra off him and throwing it in the yard.He sat down on the ground in front of Eleanor while we told Louis all the crazy stuff from last night.After we sat outside for another hour we walked inside to see Kelsey sitting up by the door with a confused/sick face.She looked at us and then just sat there holding the bag of Cheetos with a weird look.I laughed at her as I tried to help her up and get her some coffee.I picked up the bag and busted out laughing. "Eh why are you so freaking loud and what is so funny?" She asked clutching her head. "Well I am just laughing at how Zayn gave you his phone number on the bag of Cheetos.She gave me a weird look and then took the bag looking at it and sure enough it said Call me if your looking for some fun ;) xx-Zayn 435-2190.She laughed so hard she almost fell out of her seat.I went into the living room and showed Louis and El.I thought it was a good time to wake up my leprechaun so I walked into the bathroom seeing Niall sleeping peacefully in the water. "Niiiiiaalll" I said lightly while shaking him. "Ughhh go away I'm swimming." What the hell was this boy dreaming about?I laughed and then drained the water and shook him again.He groaned and slowly opened his eyes. "Why the fuck am I wet?" He asked trying to stand up.I laughed. "Um you kind of passed out in the bathtub." I said giggling. "Ya but why did it have water in it?" "I think the alcohol can answer that question." He nodded and then went into the kitchen to grab some medicine to ease his hangover.You think him being an Irishman he wouldn't get hangovers right?Well he doesn't get hangovers...that just tells you how much we drank last night.

(A/N OHMYGOSH!! 2k readers?! Thank you so so much!!! I love all you beautiful people and thank you for sticking with me even though i am a slow updater. I will try and update sooner but school is being a shower of c**ts right now and I haven't been in the writing spirit lately.Please also keep commenting...I love feedback :) Love you all and stay beautiful!! :) Xx-Katie)
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