Love At First Glimpse

This is a story , where I (Steven Brummell) meet my two favorite celebrities. Harry Styles & Niall Horan. Two of the members from One Direction. I'll only be posting a little at a time. So don't get to hyped up. Hope you like it. Love you all !


2. Getting to Know Them.

STEVEN'S POV: Once we got finished cleaning, he offered me to come take a seat at his table. I looked at him and asked, "Are you sure?" He smiled and said, " Yeah," while gesturing me towards his table. He at down next to somebody else who I've never seen before. He was blonde haired, and had vivid blue eyes that looked like clear sky. The blonde one looked at me and flashed a quick smile, showing his white teeth. Even though they weren't as straight as the other one, I didn't care.

HARRY'S POV: I wonder if he's just gonna stand there and look at us, hmmm. I made eye contact with the kid and politely asked, "And what shall your name be?" He looked at me and said his name was Steven. He was kinda cute, I guess it was the way his hair was or maybe those big puppy dog eyes but I replied with, "That's a nice name." My names Harry and his name......

NIALL'S POV: My name is Niall. I'm from Ireland, which you can probably tell from my accent. Am I right ? He looked at me with a small grin and after replying with a whisper like tone, "Yes, and I'm guessing y'all can tell I'm from America. I gave him a grin back and said, " yes, but why would you be all the way over here in the UK?"

STEVEN'S POV: "I moved here around 3 years ago, due to the fact that.." a tear fell from my eyes. There was a moment of silence, but I built up the strength to continue. "I left to goto the store one day to get some food for the house and I left my precious dog Christy at home. I've never loved a dog more than I loved her. She was the sweetest dog with shaggy blonde fur, and strange blue eyes that flowed like the ocean at sunset. When I got back to the house, my house was in flames and I heard Christy barking from the inside. I ran to the door while calling the paramedics.." "911, how may I help you....." The barking stopped.

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