Love At First Glimpse

This is a story , where I (Steven Brummell) meet my two favorite celebrities. Harry Styles & Niall Horan. Two of the members from One Direction. I'll only be posting a little at a time. So don't get to hyped up. Hope you like it. Love you all !


1. Fresh Out , New Life.

Today was just another typical day. The sky was blue, the clouds puffy and white. The breeze, blowing soft and the noise a low whistle. The grass swayed side to side in a dancing motion. The sun shined, and the heat glared across my eyes.
As of now, I'm fresh out of high school. I stride down the gravel sidewalk on my way to the "Side Corner Cafe." The sweet smell of caramel whips across my nose, giving me a sensational tingle down my spine. I follow the scent and end up at the front door. I push on the slightly dusty handle, making the little bell give out a high pitched "ding." As if it were greeting me.
I look around and realize that there are more people here than normal. While I wait in the long, dreadful line, I slip in my headphones. I click the side button of my iPhone4s, sending a bright flash towards my soft, tan face. I switch through all of my music apps and decide to stay on Pandora. Then suddenly, Demi Lovato's "Give Your Heart a Break" plays soothingly into my ears.
My face saddens, reminding me of my last break up. Her name was Haylee Evans. I love how it trickled off my tongue every time I called and told her goodnight. She broke up with me last fall, and left my frail heart into many singles. She ended up dating the star quarterback for the football team a day later. A tear shed and rolled down my warm cheeks. I picked up my act and took a step further.
Eventually, I got to the front counter. Taking my headphones out, I asked for a " tall, mocha cappuccino." The younger woman, told me with a mellow tone, that the total would be $3.75. She ran to the back and grabbed my coffee. On her way back out, she must have slipped on a puddle because the next second I knew, I was covered in whipped cream, coffee, and caramel.
I stood in shock while I heard her give her apologies. I used my annoyed, but a hint of sweetness voice and told her it was fine. I slowly walked over to grab a couple of napkins. I start to wipe the floor, while trying to clean my brand new American Eagle Outfitters's V-Neck t-shirt.
As I'm on the floor wiping up the sticky mess, I hear a gentle, heavy accented boy ask me if I needed any help. I turned my head around and came face to face with a boy with curly, chocolate colored hair. His eyes sparkled and he asked again. Snapping back to reality, I said, "Yeah, thanks." He grabbed some napkins and knelt down to help.
I didn't know what it was, but I had a feeling inside of me that made me smile an gave me a warm, tingly feeling deep down.
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