With a flick of my bow

With a flick of a bow I can create destruction With a flick of my bow I can cause death. With a flick of my bow that death can be reflected on me or on someone who I love dearly. On a bitterly icy morning, with a single flick of my bow. I am being hunted. By my own father.


2. The arrow that started it

I was on my usual hunting trip. Searching for food for the family as well because my father didn't give me any money for meat. I had sat in the same spot for over an hour till I realised it had gone past dark. That was my time up but there was a pull for me to stay here. So I stayed silent until I heard a scream. My mother. I trained my hearing closer to the sound when I heard a painful final breathe. Mum. I stood up and fixed a arrow to my bow. Poised to let it fly in to his heart. My head told me to run, but my heart told me to take flight. 

"NIKI!" I heard my father yell. I instantly shivered with fear, my knees knocked together like a woodpecker hammering against a tree. His heavy footsteps loomed in to me like a radar. Too soon his menacing eyes found mine, the green I had remembered when I was little was gone. Killed by this darker green, this green was an inescapable web that was bound around me.

"What are you going to do with that? Scratch me?" His laugh boomed around us, in the small patch where we stood seemed like a sealed capsule holding in his laugh that mocked me.

"Where's mum?" I calmly said, my voice icy and hollow. He stared at me. Not expecting that

"Dead, one down and you to go." He smirked. when that was it. My fingers were shaking with anger that I released the arrow straight in to his arm. Blood trickled down and on to the leaves beneath his feet. I loaded another and sent it into his other arm. This time going all the way through. I smiled at that. He screamed out in pain, his death hungry eyes locked on me. I turned and sprinted in the forest, losing him by miles. I was now hunted. That second arrow was what started it. I was now a animal, being hunted.

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