With a flick of my bow

With a flick of a bow I can create destruction With a flick of my bow I can cause death. With a flick of my bow that death can be reflected on me or on someone who I love dearly. On a bitterly icy morning, with a single flick of my bow. I am being hunted. By my own father.


1. Prolouge

My name is Niki. I have reached twenty years old. My hair if black and has brown natural streaks in and is cut to my face in a jagged but neat style. We can't afford the finer things in life. My father drinks himself to sleep or he justs passes out. I don't know and I don't care. My mother was once a spirited women. Always would voice her opinion and laugh. Her laugh would silence a room who then would brighten up, even in the darkest of times. When that all stopped because of one little person, me. It happened just like that. I was five. I dropped myself in it when I told my father what I had done that evening with my mother and then described what her another man did. He had dropped his pen on the floor and beat my mother till she bled and cried for mercy. I was frozen to the spot, even if I wasn't he would have made me watch. My mother has stick got scars from where I knew he cut her and slashed her skin. She never spoke. Not in the house but even outside she would speak little to me. Even less to anyone. I had taken all of the silence and invested it in to my learning. I had seen my woods crafts teacher when we had made bows and arrows a few years ago. He taught me how to successfully build and use one seen as he was once the top archer in the country. He had helped me practise every year until I left school at eighteen to go and study the forest and things like that in my interests. I abandoned that idea. Now I was working at a game meat and skin providers. I got paid quite a bit too. I spent it on my mother in presents and jewelry but she never wore them in front of my father. I heard every night the beating that he would give her. It was today that I decided to take action. I would kill him if he killed her. He had to die first. He didn't deserve to live. For I would stop at nothing to stop this. Even if I was hunted.

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