One member of 1D taken. Two girls. One is unlucky and one is a psycho. Read to discover more.


4. Chapter 4

When I woke up th enext morning I was all alone, but when the nurse saw I was awake, she came in with another tray of food for me. "So, Hannah. You will get to leave tomorrow, but only if your condition improves. If it improves drastically, you can leave today. But  you will ahev to keep the sling and the stithces will probably come off in about three weeks, you can schedule an appointment  later." The nurse informed me. "Okay. thanks." I said.

Three hours later, when the nurse cam ein with more food, I said, "No thanks. I'm not hungry anymore. And I drank all my water." "Okay then, well I'm thinking that you'll be able to go home today, we'll just check," The nurse said. She left for a minute, and after a few test on me she declared that I was ready to go, but someone had to come pick me up, becuase I was in no condition to drive yet.

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