One member of 1D taken. Two girls. One is unlucky and one is a psycho. Read to discover more.


3. Chapter 3

When we got home I was still shaking with fear. Niall picked me up bridal style and hugged me to his chest as he carried me inside. He was careful of my right arm.

Then he put me on the couch and grabbed his cell phone. He called an ambulance. I grabbed my black slide phone and called the police. I told them everything, and they said they'd go find the girl right away. Then I called my parents. Better they hear it from me than on the news. They were very worried, but I lied and said I'd be fine.

The ambulance came, and seeing how many of us there were, was about to call another ambulance. "Wait, ti's only me, Delilah and Maddison that needd to go. The boys only have bruises and cuts." I said.

The paremedics brought us into the ambulance and told eevryone else that they could follow us by car. Niall was the first to get in his car, and everyone followed. The paremedics closed the ambulnce doors.

Once in almost pitch blackness, the pain overcame me and I passed out.





I didn't wake up for about three hours.

When I finally did wake up, Niall was sitting right beside me. I was in the hospital in a room all by myself. "You were affected the most. You had extreme exhaustion, dehydration, starvation, a disloated shoulder, and the most cuts. You are in the emergancey ward, the others are one floor above us." Nial informed me. I started to shed tears, but Niall hugged me.

My right arm was in a cast and sling, and I had many badages wrapped around me. But my wrist had plenty of stitches, being the deepest cut. I felt drowsy, probably from all the medications I must of had.

When the nurse heard I was awake, she came in with a giant bottle of water, and some toast. She laid it infront of me and I scarfed the toast down. I kept the water with me, and had a little every so often.

When the nurse came to take my tray away, I begged "Please let me go see Delilah and Madison. Please?" "Fine. Mr.Horan will take you upstairs in a wheel chair." The nurse said.

Niall helped me into a whel chair, and I grabbed my portable IV stand with my left hand.

Niall carefully wheeld me to the elevator, and while we were waiting in it, he kissed my forehead.


"HANNAH! We thought you were dead! You were so shaky, and in the ambulance, all the sudden you just fell back and it looked like you were dead. OH HANNAH!" Maddison yelled. I hugged her carefully and Niall parked my wheelchair between their two beds.

Delilah was suffering mostly from bloodloss, and Maddison mostly from dehydration, because her body wa used to AT LEAST eight glasses of water a day. They both had IVs in their arms, and since Maddison always made hand gestures when she talked, she kept pulling it out and a nurse had to come and put it in a different spot each time.

Delilah soon fell asleep, so Niall decided I should go back to my room.

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