One member of 1D taken. Two girls. One is unlucky and one is a psycho. Read to discover more.


2. Chapter 2

She ordered us all to do random things, and if we didn't do them she cut us. This went on for a few hours, and she finally went upstairs,

'We need to get out of here." I said. "I know, but there's only Liam to help, and there's seven of us." Maddison said. I wiggled my hand around, the good one, and managed to grab my phojne from my pocket, but it was out of battery. Uh-oh.


Liam's POV

Everyone else had been gone for a while. I was kinda worried.

My phone rang and I answered it. "Is this Liam?" A girl asked. "Yup." I said. "Well I have your little friends. They're at the abandoned Home Depot. But don't bother trying. You'll never get them back." The girl said and hung up.

I pulled my shoes on and ran out my door. I jumped into my car and thought before I drove away. I finally remembered where the Home Depot was, so I drove there as fast as I could.

When I arrived, I found one smal window, and I looked through it. There was a dark cellar, probably the basement. The girl was not there, but my seven missing frineds were. Well, I only saw three of them, the girls, but as I walked around I found more windows, and I saw the boys.

I went back to the main window and slowly opened it. "Hello?" I whispered. My voice was strained, scared, and it soundd weird. All the girls turned away. "Go away! You've done enough to us!" Delilah shrieked. "Shh, it's Liam." I whispered. They all turned to me. "Do me first! I've been here for ever!" Hannah said. I rushed over to her and started un doing the hand cuffs with a paperclip. "Ow, my right shouldr is dislocated." She winced. "Sorry." I said, openeing her handcuffs. She wiggled her left arm around to bring the feeling back to it.

I carefully grabbed her right one, and popped it back into place. She screamed. "HANNAH!" Niall yelled from one of the other rooms. "It's Liam! He's here! He just popped my shoulder into place!" Hannah whisper-yelled. I got the rest of the handcuffs off her and she stood up. I took my sweater off and tied it around her arm as a sling. She thanked me and I hand her another paperclip.

She ran to the room Niall was in, and she started un cuffing him. He soon came out to help, and I dumped my pile of paper clip on the ground. He grabbed one and went to Zayn's room. Next Hannah ran into Harry's.

Hannah's POV

I ran to Harry's room and started un doing his hand cuffs. I did the hand nes, then the paper clip fell. "It's okay. I'll do the rest." He said and grabbed the paperclip, unchaining his legs. He followed me back out and undid Maddison's handcuffs, the only person left.

We all climbed out through the window. Hello hugs could wait for later. We went around to the front of the building, and saw the front door opening. We all ran around to the bushes at the side and waited. She got another knife from her car and went inside. "Crap, she's gonna see we're not there!" I said when she went back in.

We ran to Liam's car and clmbed in. There wasn't nough room, so I sat on Niall's lap. Liam sped away, and I was shaking with fear the whole time.

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