my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


9. worst birthday ever!

Taylors P.O.V.

i woke up to Louis jumping up and down on my bed screaming happy birthday! He did this every year i guess thats what made him Louis! "WAKE UP TAY ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!" He yelled. He can be really loud! and I am not a morning person. "Lou i wanna sleep!" i complained "NO!" he yelled "we have places to go and people to see!!" he said "where and who?" i asked "its a suprise!!" "fine let me get ready!" i said  "bye!" i said and pushed him out and slamed the door and locked it. Before i took a shower i checked my phone and got a message from Nialland an unkown number. I clicked on it (she has an iphone 5) and i poped up

from: Nialler<3- happy birthday babe! me and lou and the rest of the boys have a suprise for you than i am taking you to dinner!

unknow number; hi Taylor its me. do u remember me? i am sure you do i am your boyfriend remember!. why did you tell Louis about me? Now i have to hurt both of you! Sorry babes

I was so scared! what should I do?! should i tell Niall and Louis?!No i cant show Niall than he will hurt him to! i will just clear my mind in the shower. i got undressed and turned on the hot water. I turned on music because of love listening to music anytime i get my favorite artist is Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. Oh and Demi Lovato. The first song that came on was Sky scraper by Demi Lovato

skys are crying im watching catching tear drops on my hands

only silence as its ending  like we never had a chance

Do you have to make me feel like theres nothing left of me

you can take everything i have you can break everything i am

Like im made of glass like im made of paper

and go on and try to tear me down I will be raising from the ground

Like a skyscraper

As the song kept playing it reminded me of Ryan ugh i hate him! he made it look like he was so sweet and nice! NO! he is a little... my thought got interupted by someone banging on the door! "what?!" i yelled "Dont use all the hot water" I heard louis yell! oh shit! i forgot i hurryed and washed my hair body and face and jumped out. I put on a little bit of makeup i dont like to wear to much. I did my hair in a side fishtail. I loved fishtail braids! i put on Blue short shorts and a shirt that was gray and blue! i walked down stair and saw all the boys and they yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" i thanked them and went up to niall and he whisperd "happy birthday babe" and kissed me on the nose. Gosh he is so sweet unlike Ryan. They all had presients in there hands and told me to open them first was Louis! "OPEN miine first" he yelled like a kindergraden! He gace me a small box and i opened it inside was a necklace ingraved it said TAY TAY"aww thanks Lou i love it!" i said puttung it on! "WAIT! there is one mor thing look in the box!" he said i looked in and saw something i took it out it was so concert and backstage passes to Ed Sheeran! OMG i screamed in excit mint! "OMG thank you BOOBEAR your the best i love you" i said hugging him and kissing him on the cheek! "mine next" niall said."i have another one for tonight" he said and than He gave me a box and i saw a shirt with his face on it and it said NIALLATOR! "haha this is cute" i said to him as i kissed him "there is something else" he said i looked down! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! there was 2 backstage passes and concert tickets to Justin Bieber!!!! AHHHH "THANK YOU SO MUCH NIALLER!!!" i yelled and he laughed  he kissed me "can i come with you i like justin bieber!" he asked i laughed "of course wouldnt want anyone else!" i said and kissed him. "so i guess you to are dateing " liam asked "haha yep" i said and smiled the rest of the boys gave me shoes braclets money and thats pretty much it. The rest of the day we did what ever i wanted! we went to the fair most of the day! it was so amazing could it get any better? Tonight me and niall would go out just us to. As i got ready i was listening to music once i was done i walked down stairs to see niall and louis. i kissed louis on the cheek and said bye. me and niall walked out. i was waiting at his car he forgot his keys inside. I felt someone pull me into the dark alley way by the aparment. i saw it! i saw the face that i hoped never to see again! it was him right infron of me about to do something! it was Ryan. What was he planning on doing?! i was scared out of my mind!! I heard niall yell TAylor! "HELP" i screamed hopeing he would hear me and save me! "Shut up slut!" he started to undress me and i was kicking and hopeing Niall would be here soon! he slapped me across the face "Stop movine everytime you move i am going to hurt you worse than it is" he said. I stopped i didnt want to die just get it over with. he took off his close and he entered me really fast not haveing time to adjust. He coverd my mouth so i couldnt screem to loud. Once he was done he kicked me a couple more times and left. i was laying there naked on the cold ground. I didnt want to get up. my ribs hurt even if i tried to get up! Where was niall? did he give up and leave me? I heard someone walking down i thought it was him again i curled into a ball not wanting to look up. "shh Taylor its ok i am right her" i heard niall say. i am glad he is here i hugged him and started  sobbing into his chest. he tried lifting me up to walk but i screamed in pain! "are you ok babe its me" he said "he kicked me more in the ribs i cant move" i said inbewteen sobbs. He took off his shirt and paced it over my head gently and it was like a night gown. and picked me up bridle style and carried me into his aparment he layed me down and i started sobbing into his chest again. "im sorry niall" i said "babe its ok your safe with me i love you!" he said it was the first time he has said that! "thank you i love you to!" he kissed my lips very gently.

Nialls P.O.V.

when i went back down this time with the car keys she was gone. i looked around and didnt see her. Did she leave me? what did i do wrong? Than i heard someone screem "HELP" she said it was taylor i looked everywhere i was about to give up but i looke down an ally way and saw someone curled up in a ball. i ran over to her and told her it was ok i tried lifting her up but she screamed. i told her it was me and not him she said he kicked her in her ribs more and they where still broken. Ugh i hate that kid! since she had no close on i took of my shirt and put it on. i picked her up and carried her to my room and layed her down. she started ctying harder and harder. "im sorry niall" she said "babe its ok your safe with me i love you" i said it was the first time i told her but i did! "thank you i love you to" she said i kissed her lips very gently. "What did he do to you" i asked she started crying "shh its ok" i said and kissed her head. "he.... he raped me" she said and cried harder. That sick bastard!! i thought!!! she had never had sex before and this time she was forced to!! I wanted t be her firt and i wanted it to be special. but i dont count that has having sex. I feel so bad for her!! she feel asleep and quitly got out of bed and went to Louis aparment. "Louis?! Louis" i yelled. went to his room and saw him and Eleanor making out! "EWWW" i yelled they jumped off each other "WHAT DO U WANT?!" Louis grawled "its about Taylor" I said he suddnely looked scared "el? can u go out for a second please" he asked her "of course" she said and kissed him on the chek. I told him the story of what happend he got so mad!

Louis P.O.V.

I ant believe he did that to my baby siter!! THAT SICK BASTARD! ughh! i will talk to her tomorrow! i am going to kill him!!

***like it? :)***

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