my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


16. why?

Nialls P.O.V

I was am so happy to see my family and for Taylor to meet them i really am but... one thing really botherd me. well more like one person. Holly, my Ex girlfriend we where so diffrent she was a slut, she cheated on me about 5 times with diffrent boys it just had to end. We are having a welcome home party and all my friends and family are coming. And i know someone just someone will invite Holly and she will mess everything up. "Babe i dont think your mom will like me i mean look at me i have tattoos and she might not like that" she said worried. i love her tattoo its a small heart on her left wrist covering her scars. When her dad left she would cut and everyone made fun of her cause her dad left they said he left because she is ugly and worthless man i wish i knew her then i would keep her safe from them and she wouldnt do thsi to her self but she stoped and thats all that matters. "I love your tattoo its so cute and it fits you so well and if she dosnt like you she will have to deal with it because i love you!" i told him! "aw thanks babe i love you to so much!" she told me i smiled and kissed her. "the flight to mullinger ireland is about to land" the flight attendiant said "my mom is meeting us at the airport so get ready babe" i told her she took a deep breath and i just laughed "Babe its not like she is going to kill you!" i told her and kissed her cheek "i know im scared!" she said we got up and went to get are bags i grabbed. i grabbed her hand and i was searching for her. " Niall! Niall! Over here!" she yelled i turned my head to the left and there is my mom! "MUM!" i yelled i ran and gave her a hug i missed her so much its been a long time. when i pulled back i saw tears in her eyes! "i miss you mum" i told her " i have missed you tons!!" she said i kissed her cheek and dragged her towards Taylor! " Mum this is Taylor my beautiful girlfriend, Taylor this is my mum" i said they hugged " its nice to meet you Niall has told me so much about you your so beautiful!" she told Taylors "thank you mrs. Horan its nice to meet you to!" Taylor said she was so cute when she was nervous "Please call me Muara" my mum said "OK" Taylor said and smiled

Taylors P.O.V.

so far its gone good im wearing a baggy shirt its not tight so u cant really see the bum its kinda big but i am wearing Nialls shirt so im good! haha when we got in the car maura drove and Niall was in the passenger and i was in the back. Maura and Niall cought up on the way to the house. When we got there it was a small cozy house. its the kind of house i want my boys growing up in. When we got inside we sat on the couch and had small talk. Greg is at his dads house and we are going there in a couple of days. "mum?" Niall said "Yes dear" said maura Nialls winked at me and i was confused "Taylor is pregnant and im the father" he said i was shoked he said it this soon i thought he was going to wait till yesterday. "OH MY LORD!!" she yelled in her thick irish accent she ran over and gave me a hug and than niall "Soo boy or girl and whats his/her name?!" she asked "well two twins boys" Niall said than looked at me "their names are Liam and Matthew" i told her "aw those are cute names" im finally gonna be a grandma im so happy!" she said i smiled i was happy i was acctepted into his family "Niall th guest will be coming over in 5 min" she said **5 min later** the people just started pileing in. i met Nialls old friends and they seem to be good people. i also met some more of his family his moms sister and his grandparents. I walked in and saw a group of people on the couch i saw Nialls sitting with this beautiful girl around out age she had brown hair and brown eyes. "Holly just stop!" he said to her next thing i saw she kissed him. and the worse thing was he was kissing back! than he relized what he did and pulled away "HOLLY!! are u kidding me this is why i didnt want you to come" i cut him off "WHY NIALL WHY?!" i screamed at him and grabed my purse and left. i walked thani got into a cab. i went to the airport and gave him my ticket and borded right away. The plane started to take off and luckily no one noticed me, i had my hoddie on and i was balling my eyes out. i fell asleep and woke up to "the plane is about to land" i took my iphone out and saw i got 10 missed calls and 11 messages all from Niall saying let him explain i texted louis

boobear<3 - hey boobear im coming home early with out niall :'( i will explain when i get there

boobear<3: Are you ok?! do u want me to pick you up from the airport and than get icecream

boobear<3 - yes please thank you! love you

boobear<3; Love you to be there in 5

when i got off the plane i saw Louis and ran into his arms and hugged him so tightly. we walkd to the car and there were tons of papparzzies. when we got to the car i bursted into tears remembering everything that happned in the living room. When we got to thr icecream place louis hasnt said a word he knew it wasnt the right time and he was right not in punlic where everyone can hear us.when we finished our icecream we went home. I went in sat on the couch and Louis joined "what happened Tay?" he asked i started crying "i went and got a drink and when i came back he was aguring with somegirl Holly and she kissed him and he kissd back than pulled away" i said while crying into his chest "sshhh it will be ok" he said and with that i fell asleep on the couch

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