my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


21. they can walk

Taylors P.O.V.

I woke up the next morning remembering evrything from seeing my dad niall with carly the hate the cutting and Niall saying he was always there for me. I had to tell Louis i saw him. I wrote a note saying "hey Niall i have to talk to Louis please watch the kids if you need any help ask my mom or El or anyone or call me love you babe <3 -Taylor xxx" i said and stuck it on his forehead he is a deep sleeper. I walked in Louis aparment and luckli he was awake it was getting close to christmas so i was wearing Nialls hoodie and sweatpants. "Louis i need to talk to you" i said "ok" he said "lets go outside" i told him we walked outside "whats up Tay?" he asked concerned "well i saw someone yesterday" i said "and who may that be?" he asked "dad.." i said "what?! what did he say" he asked "well he said he wanted to be a family again and i said no he messed ours up and he dosnt need to be apart of us anymore and stuff like that" i said "good job sis" he said and hugged me "but i went on witter last night and red some nasty comments and.." i said looking down "you didnt did you?" he asked worried i shook my head yes he took my hand and pulled the sleeve up and look at them. "Taylor you said you would stop" he said "i know Louis im sorry i tried i really did but just reading those made it hurt" i said we sat on the bench i layed my head on his sholder and he wrapped his arm around me "Taylor you have me and Niall to talk to you know that" he said im sorry Lou" i said and started crying "if you wont do it for me and Niall atleast do it for Liam and Carly" he said and he was right "your right" i said tears still stremming down. he wiped the last one away and kissed my head "we cant tell mom about dad and what he did to me and about hom being here." i said "yeah i know" he said "Louis why does are life have to be so hard?" i asked "there are always up and downs in a family but we will find a way if we stay together." he said "your right." i said we walked back. When i walked in no one was there "Niall?" i yelled "babe come here hurry!" he yelled i ran to the twins boys and they where walking but balancing with nialls hands i took my phone out "smile" i said Niall looked up and did his amazing smile the one i fell for. i put it as my screen saver. i also posted it on twitter "they finally learned how to walk <3" i said i looked at my metions and not reading them just to see if someone famous tweeted me back lol but i saw niall tweeted something "all our 'fans' who said nasty things to Taylor better say sorry i love her and none of you will chnage that #SorryTaylor i retweeted it i also saw that Louis tweeted something "im so mad Taylor came to me crying today because of you guys and she did something i dont want to say but she did it because of you say #SorryTaylor she deserves it she is the best sister in the world <3" i also Retweeted that. "Niall where has Harry and zayn been?" i asked "oh there spending time with there girlfriends before tour on holiday. and Dani and Liam just left today" he said "oh when does the tour start anyways?" i asked scared of the answer "in a couple of months" he said "im gonna miss you so much!" i said "i will miss you to" he said and kissed my head

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