my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


4. tell me!

I woke up in a weird surrounding i have never seen before. All the walls where white. did i die? No he couldnt have hit my that hard? or could he? idk i heard sniffling and saw louis! "boobear?!" i whisperd yelled. " TAY TAY!" he yelled "ssshhh my head hurts" i complained "oh sorry tay i was just so worried!" he said  i was he worried and why was i in the hospital hookep up to all the machinence? "lou?" i said "why am i here and why where you so worried and where is mum?" i was so confued! "mum is on a trip for work and i havnt called her yet i lefted my phone at home and didnt want to leave you and when i came home i was coming to talk to you i found you on the ground bleeding i go so worried so i called the ambulance and they came and got you and u where sleeping for 25 hrs!" suddenlly it hit me like a train! last night ryan came over and beat me and left and i passed out! he is such a bitch!! "so what did happen last night?" louis asked "nothing..." i said looking down if i ooked into his eyes i would start crying! "what the hell tay tell me! it had to be something cause right now your in the fucking hostpitle!" he was yelling and you could tell he was angry by him cussing and his voice! "STOP" i yelled i had a huge head ache and his yelling was onlu makeing it worse "My head hurts please stop yelling" i said in a soft voice like i was gulity. " im sorry Tay i really am. just please tell me what happened to you? did someone come in and brake in?" he asked "no" i sad "than tell me what happened" he said worry in his eyes "i cant..." i said softly so he couldnt hear me but he did. "why not" he asked getting angry and trying not to yell. "i just cant!" i sad raising my voice. "Taylor answer my fucking question you where nearly dead!" he yelled "just tell me please" he said tears falling from his eyes! i felt mad not mad at him but at my self. i hated seeing him cry this was horrible! i wiped the tears from his eyes "listen lou. i wanna tell you i really do and you know i would i tell you everything you know that" he cut me off "than why cant you tell me this" he said "if i tell you than things will happen things i dont even know i might die or maybe something worse u might die if i tell you one day when the time is right i promise i will tell you ok?"i said "boobear?" i asked "yah" he said "i love you please dont leave like dad." i would never how could i leave my amazing sister and i love you too!" i really wanted to till him but i couldnt! "tay?" he asked "yes?" "you know what this means?" i said  was confused "no?" "i will never let this person touch you again i will keep an eye out on you more i promise!!" i smiled i him trying to help me i am so glad i have a brother like him " i dont know lou i dont want you getting hurt! i dont know if you can i dont want you involved in this he can and will kill you and i would rather die than you!" i said crying but its true all of it is. "i will not let that happen to you or me!" i smiled but it was still scary at the thought of him killing lou! i had to stay at the hosptitle for one more night and louis so he would stay so i moved over and he layed next to me and put his arm around me and he whisperd "you are always safe with me i promise i love you tay i will let no one hurt my baby sister" i smiled and said "i love you boobear" and with that I feel asleep!

Louis P.O.V

i really wish she would tell me who had hurt her! it bothers me that she has to hide it! i love her i do it would kill me if one day i walked in the house and found her died! she said she would do anything for me not to die. she is an amzing sister. but i would do anything for her not to die. i wounder if it was any of her ex boyfriends or her boyfriend now. i never really liked him but she gerts mad when i try to interfere with her relationships but i dont like that dude not one bit!

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