my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


24. Surprise

The kids Have been behaving a lot better since Niall has talked to them. Next week Niall is coming back for 2 weeks I'm so excited I miss seeing him everyday and I can't talk to him everyday because he is in America and it cost money. Next week we are flying to Florida that's where there last concert is before there break and where going to surprise him one stage I'm so excited! I haven't told the kids yet I want it to be a surprise. ** 1 week later ** are flight is at 8am we should get there around 5 and the concert starts at 8 so we are good timing everyone knows t Louis and Niall we are going to go one when they are in the circle singing little things during Nialls solo. I woke up to the alarm beeping man I was so excited. I jumped of bed got dressed than I got the kids up I got them dressed in something confertable because we are going to change when we get to the hotel. Once we ate and brushed our teeth we got in the car "mommy where are we going" Liam asked in the car "it's a surprise you will have to wait till we get there." I said when we got the airport are flight was already boarding wow we must have came late once we got on the plane the kids fell asleep. Paul would be picking us up and taking us to the hotel to freshen up. I slowly dozed off. I woke up to "flight to Tampa Florida is now landing" the flight attendant said I look atnthe twins and they where still sleeping "guys wake up" I said and their little eyes started to open. They got up and we got are stuff. I was looking for Paul and I finally found him "kids over here" I said we got in the car "I Taylor how are you" pual asked "I'm good how are you pual?'" I asked "good" he said "mommy where r we going?" Carly asked " I told you , you have to wait." i said. "the boys just left to go rehers" pual said "ook thank you" I said "he is in room 214" pual said and handed me the key. "thank you" I said and got out of the car "come one kids" I said and they got there stuff and i got mine and we walked to the room. Gosh Nialls room is a mess. I cleaned it up a little than got dressed. I put carlys hair in little pig tails and put a pink and white dress on her. Liam put his plaid shirt he got from Liam for Christmas and some kaki pants on. I straghtien my hair and out on a dress that I wore the night he asked me out. The show is about to start and the first song they sing is live while were young and the second one is little things so I have to get there in time. Paul picked us up and drove us to the stadium. One we got there we went in the back entrance so no could see us. They just ended live while where young and setting up for little things. I covered the twins eyes and they where still confused. They started singing and Niall solo came. As it ended I uncovered the twins eyes "DADDY!" they yelled Niall turned around and his face lit up tears started forming in my eyes the alley streamed down my face. Carly and Liam ran down and hugged Niall and I walked over to Louis "I missed you boobear"! I said "I missed you to Tay Tay"'I said and tears where down both of our faces. I kissed his cheek and walked to Niall he smiled at me and walked over "I missed you so much" he said " me to " I said I looked and saw the twins saying hi to everyone else Niall kissed my lips quickly trying not to make it noticeable. I went and hugged the rest of the boys "hey guys sorry about that but you ready for the next song?" Harry yelled and the crowd went wild me and the twins went backstage to watch the rest of the show "thank you mommy" Liam said "for what" I asked "taking us to see daddy" he said I kissed his cheek and watched the rest of the show. After the concert we went to the hotel and had family time with Louis I couldn't leave him out plus he is family!
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