my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


11. Please Niall! **3 months later*

Taylors P.O.V. ** 3 months later**

Its been three months i havnt seen Ryan since that day he raped me. I still got a couple of notes and text from him but i think he was trying to scare me. Not working! Me and Niall are still going strong i love him so much. He is only a year older not much of a age diffrent witch is good he is 19 i am 18. me and Niall have had sex a lot a guess haha. I moved in with niall but i see Louis and the rest of the boys everyday considering they live right across from us. I woke up not feeling to good i ran to the bathroom and started throwing up. Niall ran in and pulled my hair back and was rubbing my back "shh its ok babe im right here" he said i loved knwoing that niall was always there for me. Once i was finshed i went to the bathroom and niall went out. hmm it ws that time of the month i was suppose to be on my period. well i am prob a couple days late not that big of a deal. Man was i starving! "Niall I am starving!!" i said "haha what do you want babe anything for you" he said "PANCAKES!!" i yelled he just chuckled and went to get the stuff to make it. Than it hit me like a train! i am throwing up i am late on my period and i am starving! "um.. Niall, babe i am going over to liams really quik" i said "ok babe" I walked over and knocked on his door and Zayn answerd. "hey love come in" he said and kissed e on the cheek. "hey thanks" i said and hugged him back. "Is Liam here?" i asked "So your here to see Liam and Not use" harry said and him and zayn started to fake cry. "im sorry guys i love you but this is important." "he is in the room you can walk in." zayn said. I knocked on his door and he said come in. I walked in and shut the door. "hey Taylor whats up" he said "LI i need to talk to you" i said. he sat up and i told him everything about me throwing up and from there... "aw tay its ok do you want me to go ask Dani to buy you a test?" he asked i shook my head yes he called dani and told her to get one

**5 min later**

I texted niall that i was staying here just for a little longer to say hi to dani witch wasnt a totall lie. Dani came in and gave it to me "here you go are you ok?" she asked "yah i am fine thank you"i said he kissed her cheek. I went in and took it i waited for about 3 min. Longest 3 min of my life. I was so scared i didnt want to be pregnant. I was 18!! and we used protection!! I looked down and started crying it had a + sign on it. i heard a knock on the door than it opened. it was Liam i ran into his arms and cryed. Why did this happen to me i still had a life to live! "How do i tell him?" i asked "i am sure he will understand plus it wasnt just your fult he was apart of this to" he said. he was right it takes two people to make a baby. "thanks liam and Dani but i bette go tell Niall" i said "Ok love you" Dani and Liam said. i walked over to out house niall was sitting on the couch. "Niall i have to tell you something" i said to him "yah babe?" he said "" i couldnt get the words out. "your what babe?" he asked "Im pregnant" i said. he looked angry "WHAT?!" He yelled "HOW IN THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?!" He yelled " i dont know we used protection im not sure" i said tears forming in my eyes. "I cant tak care of a fucking baby!" he yelled "I am not giving him or her up!" i yelled he walked away and just left. i was standing there alone in our house. i walked over to Louis i hope he wont be mad to. "boobear" i said him and El lived together now "yes" he said "i have to tell you something" i told him and went on "i am pregnant" i said and looked down. he looked just like niall angry/mad "Louis I" he cut me off "get out please" he said angrly "Please dont leave me like dad and Niall did" i said tears stremming down he looked shocked when i said niall "I will talk to you in a minute" he said i ran out and ran to liams busted through the door and ran in liams room and i ran into his arms and started crying. did i loose the two best things in my life? And on top of that a week ago my mom texted me telling me she is moving to New york because she met this guy or whatever. "whats wrong tay?" liam asked worried "i....told Niall and he left and I told Louis and he kicked me out" i said sobbing Liam looked mad not at me but at the boys. i soon feel asleep crying.

Liams P.O.V.

When she told me that Niall left and Louis kicked her out I got so angry they know what she has been through they know the story! She loved Niall with all her heart and he just left and he was the father! And Louis was her brother and uncle!! He knows everything about her! and he always wanted to protet her! I am going to speek to Louis and Niall

Nialls P.O.V.

When she told me she was pragnent i was mad! How could this happen! i am going to get icecream to get my mindoff of things

Louis P.O.V.

WHAT SHE IS PREGNANT! she is 18!! i felt bad about making her leave! i just couldnt handle it right now!

Liams P.o.v

I walked into Louis place. He was watching the telly. "Are you kiddding me man!" i yelled at him "You kicked her out!! she is your little sister suppose to take care of her! she told you Niall left to so you should have been extra considering!!" i yelled "Im sorry i couldnt proses everything" he said "dont be saying sorry to me say it to your little sister" i said a little quiter and waked out

Louis P.o.v

I walked over and told her i was sorry for being a bitch and she came into my aparment and we watched movie that we loved watching as kids!

Liams P.o.v

I walked to the icecream shop thats where niall always goes when he sad, confused, mad any emotian really. I saw him in a corner booth and walked over and sat down. "Niall" i started but he cut me off "liam.. i know what i did was wrong" he said but this time i cut him off "no i dont think you did niall! you and Louis both hurt her really badly. she came into my house crying and feel asleep crying you hurt her reallt bad! are you gonna stay and help her with the baby?" i asked "Of course i am!" he said "Good she needs you" i said "wait what do you mean me and Louis hurt her?" he asked "When she told Louis he kicked her out but i talked to him and he said sorry now its your turn... but you need to do more than say sorry" i said he ran out heading towards the house. i smiled and was happy i got him to go

Nialls P.o.v.

I cant believe i did that to her! I am so stupid! I ran back to the house and ran to Louis house and saw them watching a movie. When she saw me her smile droped tears where forming into her eyes. "what do you want" Louis growled! "can i talk to you, taylor? please" i asked "fine" she said and we walked over to my house "Please listen Taylor i am so sorry what i did to you i was being an idot and stupid it was just so much to take in!" i said "Niall, you walked out at me and that hurt a lot!" she said "i know babe and i promise to always stick by youside no matter what." i said "niall" she started to say but i cut her off and kissed her she was shocked at first than kissed back. i pulled away and smiled. "Please forgive me i will stick by yours and the baby side no matter what!" i said putting my hand on her stomach

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