my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


2. people can change

Taylors P.O.V

 i was going to suprise my boyfriend Ryan today at his house. Me and ryann have been dateing for a year and i plan on more. We have a great trustworthly relationship. Even though we have been together for a year we still never had sex before. i am still a virgin and dont wanna loose it yet. Ryan keeps wanting me to do it but i say no. Ryan can get mad pretty easliy but has never done anything yet... i called ryann to tell him i am coming over and he said ok. i drove over and parked the car and locked it. I went inside and said hey and kissed him. he kissed me hard and started putting his hands all over my body i didnt pull away yet. he started to unbuckle my belt. I pulled away cause i didnt want to yet. "oh my gosh Taylor! we have been dateing for a year and we cant have fucking sex!" He yelled at me. i flenched because he never yelled at me and we never had a real agrument. "Is that the only reason why yur still with me?" i sad sofley didnt want him to get to mad. He was so angry and i have never seen him like this! it scared me. Next thing i knew he slaped me across the face. tears where streaming down my face. i was about to get up " where the fuck do you think your going?!" he yelled. "away from you!" i yelled at him. i made a bad decsion. he punched me and when i fell to the groung he kept kicking me in the stomach. " if you tell anyone about i will hurt you worse than this" he said. what happened to my loveing boyfriend that i had? i wasnt planing pn telling anyone he would probelly kill me! what happenes if someone sees the bruise or my brother he would kill ryan if he found out! "can i leave now" i say sofly not wanting to get kicked again "go ahead bitch" he yelled at me "when your brother leaves and your parents i am coming over better be there or i will find it!" he is scarying me! I will breack up with him that will work!! lets hope it does! i started driving back home and i looked in the reflection mirror in my car and saw a red bump on my cheek where he punched me. " hey honey how was your day" my mom asked. she still hasnt notice the bump because she is makeing dinner? "good how about yours?" i asked she said good and looked up. "Oh my god Taylor what happend?!" my mom asked. "nothing i wqas just being my clumsy self and fell down the stair" i lied i hate lying to my mum! i love her so much i just hate it! "where is lou?" i asked my mum. "he is upstairs with his band mates" my mum said. "ok mum love you" i have never met louis bandmates but they seem like nice guys and cute! i guess today i will meet them. :) i go up to louis room and the door is shut and i hear them playing the X box. i knock on his door and say "boobear?" "yes Tay Tay" he said i smiled at that i love my nickname from him! i call him boobear i made it! we are super close! I open the door and 5 pears of eyes are on me! "OMG TAY TAY WHAT HAPPENED!" he jumped up an ran over to me like i just got stabed! "gosh boobear i am fine! just fell down the stairs!" i also hated lying to my brother he was likie my bestest friend i felt guilty! "your so clumsy!" " i know" i said the boys started laughing and i blushed."oh Tay before you leave this is Niall" the one with blonde hair blue eyes! he was so adorable he stood up and gave me a hug i huged back. "this is zayn" the one with black hair and a quiff and choclate brown eyes that anyone would die for! he stood up and gave me a hug. "this is harry" the one with the really curly hair and amazing green eyes stood up and gave me a hug. "and this is liam" liam had brown hair and a cute nose he was adorable and looked so kind! i gave him a hug. "boys this is my little sister Taylor she is 18" Louis said "hey guys" i smiled "well i hate to leave but i am tired and gotta shower nice meeting you guys hope to see you soon" i said and walked out as i closed the door i heard louis say "she is off limits she is my little sister and i dont want her heart breaking! i already hate the guy she is dateing now" louis is so sweet but what he cant say who i can and cant date! and now you know why i cant tell him about ryan! i took a long shower and thought about anything and everything! i put on some sophie shorts and a tank top and put my hair in a messy bun! i brushed my teeth and soon fell asleep!

** Hey guys hope you liked this chapter update soon or maybe today :) comment and tell me what u think! this is my first movella please nothing negtive but you can help me and suggest ideas :)**

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