my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


18. One big family

Taylors P.O.V.

We had one more week till i am due we have everything packed just incase they come early. "just think about it Niall in a couple of years they will be running around here" i said and looked at Niall similing. He looked up at me and smiled "i know, Taylor i need to ask you something" he said "Yes?" i asked uncertain "Do you love me" he asked "Of course i do, i love you more than anything in the world your the one i can trust and tell all my secrets to! and you know that" i told him "i love you babe" i said "i love you to Taylor" he said "Taylor can i ask you one more thing" he said looking nervous "yes of course you can" i told him he got down on one knee "Taylor Marie Tomlinson i know this insnt the most romantic way but the babys are coming soon so i need to do it know will you do me the honors of being my loveing wife i need to be with you forever and ever" he said i started tearing up "Of course and its dosnt matter how you do it this was amazing" i told him "I love you" he said "I love you to" i told him and put the ring on my finger man was it beautiful. "Wow this is amazing thank you" i said "anything for my princesses" he said i smiled and tears started falling Niall wiped them and kised me and soon he put his toungue in my mouth and we where making out. I pulled away and Niall frowned i felt something running down my leg "Babe my water broke!" i said "Oh gosh! ok lets go lemme get the bag and keys" he said he was freaking out "babe calm down please" i said "im sorry lets go i will call Louis on the way to the hospitle he is on a date with El" Niall said "And Liam and Dani there the god parents" i said ok you call Louis and will call liam since there together" he said "OK just pay attention to the road" i said "dont worry" he said. he started to drive. i called Louis *ring ring* "hello" he said "Louis" he cut me off "Taylor im on a date with El cant this wait." he said sounding aggravatived "Not unless you want to be in the delivery room when im giving birth im in labour" i said "OH shit im sorry tay coming now can El come?" yea only 5 people can be in the delivery room its gonna be you El Niall Liam and Dani" i said "i gotta go bye" we pulled up into the hospitle Niall helped me out of the car and put me in a wheel chair "are they coming" i asked Niall "yeah there on there way." he said "doctor!" Niall yelled i see one running down the hall "yes?" she asked my Fiance is going into labour" he said "ok whats her name" she asked looking in the computer "Taylor Tomlinson" Niall said "i will take you in room 125" she said than Louis El Dani and Liam came running in "Are you Ok" they all asked "im fine" i said when i got layed on the bed it was time for them to come out "Niall im scared" i said "you will be ok princess i promise i wont let anything happen to you" he said "ok Miss Tomlinson are you ready" she asked. Niall was holding my hand and Louis was on the other side of me and the others where on a seat "yes" i said "ok when i count to five i need you to push as hard a possible and stop when i say so" she said "ok " i said "ready 1,2,3,4,5" she said and i pushed as hard as i could ** this is awkward LOL** finally after pushing a couple of times i heard a baby crying "we have the girl out" the docter said "Oh yeah we forgot to tell you its acoully a boy and a girl twin" Niall said "and Me and taylor are engaged" Niall added in "congrats guys" they said "one down one more to go" the docter said finally i heard another cry i relaxed glad it was over. "good job babe" Niall whisperd in my ear i smiled and kissed his lips softley. the docters came back with two babys one wraped in a pink blanket and the other in blue Niall took Liam "Guys this Liam James Horan" Niall said holding him "And this is Carly Rose Horan" i said holding her. Niall was going to be a good dad I looked at carley she was beautiful she was going to be a daddys girl. i started feeling tears coming out. "Niall let me see Liam" i said "here you go" and he took Carley. Liam was very handsome. I looked at Niall and he was admaring Carly and i saw some tears go down his face. "i wanna see Liam!" Louis said i handed him to Louis and got passed around than it was carly. "there beautiful congrauations guys"Liam said "thanks" me and Niall said "guys is getting late we are going" Liam said "ok bye guys" he kissed the kids cheeks and left "yeah we are going to go to" Louis said "ok Love you Lou" "and El" i said "we can get out tomorrow" i said "oh and Lou mom is flying down tomorrow and you get to meet our step sisters" i said "OK sis see you tomorrow" he said "finally just use" Niall said i smiled "there gonna look just like you!" He told me. "God i hope not im so ugly!" it kinda just slipped out of my mouth i wasnt trying to get attiention. "Babe dont say that your the most beautifuliest girl i have ever met better than all of my grilfriends i have ever had. Remember i love you no matter what" he said "i love you to Nialler" "we finally have a one big happy family" he said "we sure do" i said and kissed his lips

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