my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


1. names Taylor

Hi, my name is Taylor. My brother is in one of the biggest boy bands! can you guess it? Yep! One Direction. my name is Taylor Tomlinson. my brother... Louis Tomlinson. he is 3 years older than me i am 18. Louis is a very protective brother but very nice and loveing. We are alike in many ways loud, funny and nice/kind. i have ocean blue eyes witch my boyfriend says he loves. he is the best boyfriend ever! his name is Ryan so kind loveing and adorable! I have blonde hair wich falls to the middle of my back! I love to surf but the weather in London its hard to! Louis taught me how to surf, thats how i met ryan! ME and Ryan go surfing together all the time! :) I love watching movies and candy! i also love animals! thats me Taylor Tomlinson

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