my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


25. mistakes happen

Taylors P.O.V.

Niall is coming home tomorrow im so excited. the twins 2nd birthday is in 3 months, Niall said he would try his best to be here Paul might understand he has 3 kids of his own. "are you kids ready to see daddy tomorrow" i asked "yes" they said in unison. i laughed. Dani found a house for her in Liam to live in so happy for them. we need to get a house this aparment is to small. "what do you guys want to do today?" i asked. "can we watch a movie?" liam asked "yes you both pick out one movie" i said and smiled. they came back Carly holding The Lion king my favorite movie and Liam holding finding Nemo Nialls favorite movie. we watched all the movies by the time the second movie was over they both where fast asleep. than i slowly fell asleep. Tomorrow at 12 i get to see Niall again. I woke up to someone talking "mommy wake up." "mommy" two kids voice said "yes" i asked. "its 10 o clock when will daddy be here?" Carly asked. "we have to pick him up soon." i told them. "lets go get ready" i told them. i changed Carly into somethig comfertable and same with Liam. "you kids go play we will leave to get daddy when i am ready" i told them. i got dressed into something simple and put a little makeup on to look presentable and put my hair up. "ready kids" i asked "yes" they answered "pick up the toys and lets go" the quckly picked the toys up and we went in the car. by the time we got to the airport it was 11:50 he should be here any minute. i heard fans screaming. i turned around and saw 5 boys walking towards us. "daddy" the kids yelled and ran to him. Niall picked both of them up and kissed their cheeks. "hey babe" i said and kissed him. "hey" he smiled. "hey Taylor nice seeing you to" Louis said. "sorry boobear! i love you" i said and kissed his cheeks. "i love you to" he smiled. "hey Haz!" i kissed his cheek. "hey tay tay" he winked. i smiled. "hey Li!" i yelled and gave him a masive hug. "hey Taylor! wanna know something? when you crush peoples ribs it gets kinda hard for them to breath. you know just saying" he laughed "sorry Li" i said and kissed his cheek "hey zaynie!" i said and hugged him and kissed his cheek. "hey Tay!" "well i see your quif is getting quit tall there" i said "yes yes it is" he smiled looking proud. "lets leave this place!" niall said holding carly and Liam was in louis arms. I walked to niall. he put his hand in mine and we walked out. niall the kids and me drove in out car and the other drove the van Paul brought. when we got home i ordered pizza and all the boys where at my house. we just talked and played with the kids. finally the pizza came. "pizzas here!" i yelled and all the boys came running down like little kids. "i want pizza!" harry whined. "me to" louis whined. "you guys can get your pizza when im done helping the kids get theres" i said i got plates out and niall hugged my from behind. "babe, i got this go watchtv i will help them eat." he said i smiled. "thanks nialler" i said. he kissed my neck and got the kids pizza. i sat on the couch and one by one everyone was on the ground or the couch eating. "no daddy" i heard Liam whine. "come on just eat its yummy" niall told Liam and carly was already done with her food playing wit louis. i got up and walked towards them. "need help babe" i said and sat on his lap. "yes he wont he at all" Niall protested. "Liam James Horan! if you dont eat right now your going to bed." i told him. "ok" he said and started eating. Niall chuckled. "your an amazing mother." he said and kissed my neck. after and hour of doing nothin but talking. "kids it time for bed" i told them. "but mom" Liam stated. "nope of to bed now" i said i will be in there in little bit. they went to bed. "i will got say good night stay here" niall said. i smiled. he went in there he was taking a while. i went to check. he was ending the song A Team he kissed there heads and turned around and closed their doors. "i love you" i said. "not as much as i love you" he smiled and kissed me out lips moving and sync. we walked back to where the boys are. "mate we are going to the bar wanna come?" harry asked Niall. "yeah" he said with out even asking if i was ok with it witch made me angry. "i will be back later" he told me and the boys left. liam was the last one out and saw how mad i was. "love dont worry" he said and kissed my cheek. i smiled "thanks Li" i said and off they where. i was getting tired. I went to sleep. i woke up to someone climb in bed i looked at the clock it was 2 AM! "so how was your night out because you know the day you get a break you dont spend time with your kids and girlfriend" i said annoyed. "sorry babe" he said trying to cuddle with me. "no" i pushed him off. " i will sleep on the couch" i said i got a pillow and blanket and sat on the couch. i was pretty annoyed the first day he is home he spends it at a bar. i woke up and the kids where playing but saw no Niall. i texted him 

to Nialler<3: where are you

from Nialler<3; im out will be home soon love you :*

When Niall came home it was 1 Am the kids where asleep i waited for Niall. when he walked in he looked a little tipsy. "where have you been?" i asked annoyed "out" he answered. "Gosh! Niall your leave for tour in 1 week for months! and your out partying! Not spending time with your family!" i yelled! not worried about the kids right now! "sorry" was all he said and went to the room. I went to the kids room and woke he up. "Liam carly wake up" i said "mommy" carly said in a sleepy voice. "come on we are going to uncle Liams" i whispered so Niall dosnt know where we are going. they both got up and we walked into the car. i put them in there carseat and i drove to liams new house. once i got there i got the kids out and we walked to the door i wa holding hands with the kids. Theywhere half asleep. i rang the door bell and waited. i rang it again. Finally Liam answered the door with Dani behind him. "Taylor?". tears started in my eyes. "Dani can you take the kids to the room and put them to sleep." Liam asked. "yes" she smiled "come one kids lets go back to sleep" Dani told them.

Liams P.O.V.

I woke up to the door bell ringing. i saw Dani start getting up. "no babe i got it" i said. "i will come with you" she said. i got up and walked to the door with Danielle behind me. i opened the door and surprised and confused i saw Taylor. "taylor?" i questioned. i saw tears in her eyes. "dani can you take the kids to bed please."i asked "yes come on kids lets go to bed" she told them and walked up stairs. once they where out of site Taylor bursted into tears and hugged me i closed the door and moved to the couch she cried on my shoulder and i rubbed her back. finally her crying slowed down a bit. "Taylor what happened" i asked her? "Niall" is all she could get out. "what did he do" i asked. I was so worried. It took a lot for her to cry. "when you guys went out when you first came back he didnt come back till 2 and yesterday he was gone all day and when he came back we had an agruement he just went to sleep." she cried. Niall is big drinker but this is bad when he has kid. "i tried to explain that its a bad influence for the kids but he just left" she said. I rubed her he back ion circles. "its ok Love. i will talke to him tomorrow lets get to bed" he said. we got up and i walked herto her room where the twins where. i kissed her cheek. "everything will work out." i told her. "thanks Li" she smiled and wentto her room


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