my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


19. Leave

Taylors P.O.V.

Today my mom and chris and my step sister s are coming to see the kids. I havent slept much consedering the wake up like every hour crying, but they are getting better. Me and Niall are headed to the airport to pick them up and Louis tagged along. Once we went inside we waited for them to get off the plane. Niall was holding Carly and i was holding Liam. Niall helps a lot he has been really good. The kids just got of breat fedding think god i hated it. I saw my mom walk out and Louis ran up to her and hugged her. i walked up and she took Liam from me. "he is so adorable" she said thinks "His eyes look just like Nialls" she i know  said and smiled i looked back at Niall and he was playing with Carly. "Niall come over here" i said he looked up and smiled, the smile i always love. He walked over and i took carly from him "mom give Niall Liam and you can see Carly" i said she gave Niall Liam and took carly from my arms "aww she has your eyes taylor" "yeah i know!" i said and smiled Louis took Liam from Niall so we had no babys in our hands he put his hand in the middle of my back. "TAYLOR" Phoebe Daisey Fizzy and Lottie said they all ran to me and gave me a big hug! "hey guys i missed you!" i said "Louis get over here" i said and came over with Liam still in his hands "girls this is your step brother Louis." i said "HI" Louis said "Louis this is phobe Daisey Fizzy and Lottie" i said pointing to them "Hi" they said "and girls this is Liam my son" i told them and pointed to Liam "and this is Carly my daughter" i said when my mom came over. "Ok are you guys ready to go to the aparment" i said You guys can stay in Louis aprament unless you wanna wake up to babys screaming" i said and laughed "yeah where good" my mom said i laughed "Mom can you watch the twins tonight so me and Niall can go out please?" i asked "of course" she said "thank you" i said. we drove to the house Louis and mom talking the whole time and i was holding Carly and i was talking to Fizzy. when we got home i wanted to start getting ready because it was 6 and are reservations are at 7;30. "mom im going to get ready here r everything they need about them i gave them the kids and went to get ready. i was nervous this is the first time i left them a lone with someone. it took an hour to get ready i was wearing a black dress that went to my knees and heels i put a little bit of makeup and did smokey eye. i went and saw Niall he was wearing a tuxes "you look amazing" niall said "you dont look bad yourself." i said and laugh he kissed my cheek and we went down. to the car. We went to this nice restruant and we had are food and had small talk and nice laugh (im skiping this part cause it leads up to my big plan!! :)hehe) after dinner went where hand in hand walking on the boardwalk it was perfect. "taylor?" i heard someone call my name me and niall both turned around and saw a guy standing behind use about my moms age "umm yes?" i asked Niall put his hand on my back. "do you remember me?" he asked "Noo" i said still very confused "Im your dad." when he said that i got so mad "come here baby" he said thinking i would frogive him all those times he left me and thought i could forgive him just like that. WRONG! "no" i said "whats wrong babygirl?" he asked "Whats wrong?! i will tell you whats wrong you left me and Louis just left with out saying a word not bye or anything you just went out of the doors and left never came back i had to watch mom cry everyday for months wishing you would come back! after that i never wanted you to come back you screwed our family up you did this to me." i said and showed him my wirst where it had my scars on it from cutting "you did this to me the worst feeling in the world is seeing your mom cry!" i said tears streming down my face "When you left thats what i did and now one with there for me but Louis mom was to busy working and crying and when i was at school i would get bullied every kid said you left because of me and because i was wothlesses at first i didnt belive them but then i did. You left when i needed you must like with boyfriends you know my last boyfriend yeah he abused me and no one knew and if you where there you could have helped but you left. I dont want you in my life because you left for a reason i dont need anymore heart breaks. I have a family to take care of two kids acually twins a boy and a girl. I might forgive you one day but that will be hard you wil have to wait and see."  i said crying so hard "babydoll please im sorry!" he said "really dad!! it will take a lot more than sorry!" i screamed at him and ran off i took my heels off and ran on the beach Niall was still where we where standing. i kepy walking i found a a spot no one was there i sat down and started crying. i felt someone hands on my back and looked up and saw Niall sitting next to me. "are you ok babe?" he asked "i guess" i said "did he leave" i asked yea i told him not to follow us. "thank you" i said it started getting chilly so i started shivering. Niall took his jacket thing and gave it to me "thanks" i said and looked up and smiled "lets go home" he said and smiled "ok" i said he got up and helped me up. we walked hand in hand back to the car and drove home.

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