my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


22. I'm going to miss you

Taylor's P.O.V.
I woke up to two kids jumping on the bed "MOMMY WAKE UP" they said "babe wake up I'm going to the airport soon" Niall said. I forgot today he was leaving for tour and I was scared for two main reasons 1.) Ryan as simple as that and 2.) I have to take care of two little kids by my self Dani is in Florida for her dance carrier and El is in New York for her modeling job. "Ok let me get dressed and than we can go. And we can get breakfast on the way" I said "I made breakfast and got the kids dressed your breakfast is waiting" Niall said "thanks babe" I said and kissed Niall quickly. I got dressed and got the kids in te car. Liam and Carly fell asleep on the car ride there "I'm going to miss you so much baby" Niall said I felt tears coming "I'm going to miss you to this is going to be hard" I said tears slipping away "don't worry babe I will call you and the kids everyday" he said "and when we only get one break but I will use it to see my new family" he said. It sucked that he only gets one break but it's for 2 weeks but its like after the 5th concert and they will have so many after that. We pulled up to the airport and there where fans papparazze everywhere 5 guards came around use Niall took Carly and I took liam. We entered the airport witch was much quieter since the fans or papparazzes can't come in. I put Liam down and Niall did the same with Carly "uncle Louis!" Carly yelled and ran to him "Carly" he said and picked her up and hugged her "uncle Zayn" Liam yelled he ran and hugged him I walked to Louis "where is Harry and Liam?" I asked "Liam was hungry and harry had to use the restroom" he said. I have Louis a hug "I'm going to miss you boobear" I said "I'm going to miss you yo Tay" he said "I'm now back" harry announced. Every one was silence "no one cares haz" Louis says "I feel so unloved" he said I went and hugged him and he hugged back. Than Liam came back "hey Li" I said "hey Tay" he said and hugged me "ok boys say your last goodbyes and board the plane" Paul said and came in. Tears started in my eyes slowly the fell "Cary Liam" I called they came over and I bend down to he there height "go say by to the boys and daddy" I said they knew why they where leaving I told them in the car they where crying and said bye to everyone and they went to their dad and hugged him I said bye to all the boys and went to Louis "I'm gonna miss you boobear" I said "so much" I added "I will miss you to I know you can't take care of them of I need anything call me" he said and hugged me one more time "I will I love you" I said "I love you to" he said and it was time for Niall. I went and hugged him I never wanted to let go. He kissed my head as I Cryed into his chest "babe I'm coming back" he said "I know" I said and looked up and wiped my tears and he kissed me " I love you babe I will call you so much as I can" he said "ok" I said "Boys lets go" Paul yelled I hugged him one last time and so did the kids I stepped back and help the kids hand and watched them leave "I love you niall" I yelle as he left he turned around and said "I love you to" when he disapeared we turned and went to the car and went home
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