my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


12. Finally!

Taylors P.O.V

Today was the day we figured out if it was a boy or a girl! I was so excited!! I am glad Niall came back i dont think i could have done it with out him! we agreed on names. If its a girl we are naming him after Liam, Liam James Horan Niall always said he would name him son after him so we decide to. And if it was a girl it would be Carly Rose Horan I came up with that name i think it went well and Niall liked it to. "i am excited" i said to niall smileing. "me to babe" he said and kissed me and grabed my hand and headed to the doctor. We arrived a the doctors and we waited for them to come and get us. "miss Tomlinson you ready to go in" the doctor said and we headed in and i layed down on the bed. the doctor came in "hey how are you" Dr chris said acording to his name tag "good how are you" i asked "Great now lets get this scan going" he said cheerfulling i looked at Niall and he kissed my hand and holding it. The docotor put the cold jell on my stomach and moved the monator thing on my stomach. He left the room and  looked at Niall "I love you" He said "I love you too" i told him. The docotr came back in "well mrs and mr. Horan" he said. I looked at Niall, he just smiled and winked. i laughed and smiled i like the sound of that. "you are haveing..... two twin boys" he said "congratulation" he said he walked away. i looked at Niall and he had a huge smile on his face "your happy!" i said "i know i am just thinking two little boy Horans" he said i smiled "Wait we are nameing one little horan what about the other one?" i asked "how about matt? he was one of my bestest friends when my dad left he was the one there for me and he died when he was 15 in a car accdeint" i said "Thats perfect Liam and Matthew or Matt" he said i smiled i couldnt wait any longer. We drove home and i was excited to tell everyone "Niall? can Liam be the godfather and Dani the Godmother?" i asked "Thats what i was gonna say haha yes of course babe" He said i smiled! I was so happy!! We walked into Louis house we wanted to tell him first. "Boobear??" i yelled he came running in and pulled me on the couch. i lughed and so id Niall and he walked over and say next to me and held my hand. "BOY OR GIRL!! TELL ME!!!!" he yelled "calm down Lou!" niall said "Just hurry up and tell me!" he said "WAIT!" i yelled than Louis sighd and i laughed "Wheres Eleanor?" i asked "she went out with some friends" he said "ok well we are having two twin boys" I said and smiled. Louis jumped up and down "Im gonna be an uncle im gonna be an uncle!!" He yelled "CONGRATS!" he yelled and kissed me and hugged niall "thanks" we said. "ok Louis we are going to tell the rest of the boys" i said "Can I come with you I ned to see my HAZZA anyways!!" he said i shook my head yes. Me and Niall held hands and walked over to Liam and Danis first. I walked in and saw them wacthing the telly. we walked over "ok are you ready?!" i said they shook their head yes "we are haveing two twin boys" i said dani shreked in excitment and Liam looked so happy "What are there names?" Liam asked "you have to come with us to Zayn and Harrys we wanna tell all of you guys together." i said. "Wait one more thing!" i said i looked at Niall and he shook his head yes "we want you to be the godfather and danielle to be the godmother" I said looking at them they both teared up and said yes! "yay thanks guys" i said "lets go tell hazz and Zaynie" I said. we walked over and told them and they looked happy and said congrats "you guys get to be uncles now" i said "wait what are there names" Harry asked "oh yah! Liam James Horan" i said smileing and looking at liam he looked happy! "and Matthew Wlliam Horan" i said (sorry for the crappy names :/) "do you like his middle name Louis" i asked him "YES ITS THE BEST MIDDLE NAME EVER!" he yelled and i just laughed. today was amazing! " I need to call mom but i will do that tomorrow" i said

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