my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


27. Family time

Taylors P.O.V

it was always hard staying mad a Niall but i think its best for our kids if we try not to agrue. Niall is leaving on monday in 3 days for 6 months.  This is going to be so hard but i will try my best with out him for a while. I woke up to kids jumping on the bed. when i opened my eyes i saw the kids AND Niall jumping on the bed. "wake up" they yelled. I saw Niall get off and get carly and pull her over his shoulder and she giggled that little girl giggled that i always loved. "what about me daddy" Liam whineed. Than Niall picked him up. i got out of bed. "did you guys already eat?" i asked them. "yep. i made them pancakes there is more if you want any." Niall said, i smiled. "thanks babe" i said and kissed his cheek. "none on the lips" he whined. "well there are little kids right there" i said pointing to them. we laughed. "im going to take a shower watch them real quick please" i asked Niall. "of course princess" he smiled. i hoped in the shower and just thought of stuff. i looked at my wirst and saw mulitpule cuts. i remember what each one was for. How can Niall like someone with cuts on them? I washed my hair and my body and got out. I wraped myself with a towel and went to the closet. I looked at the weather and it was going to be rainy all day so we will be staying in. i put on sweat pants and a tanktop and walked out. when I was out Liam and Carly where already dressed. "thanks Niall for helping" i said "well i am the dad and you do so much you need a break" he said as a smiled. "So i was thinking today we spend the day as a family before i go back on tour" Niall said. "great idea" i agreed. we didnt really do anything just spent time together as a family knowing soon it will end for a while. Liam was sittinf next to me holding my hand and Niall on the other side and carly on the other side of him. we where watching tv Liam looked down. i saw him look at my cut wrist. "mommy whats this?" Liam asked "its... uhh..." Niall cut me off. "those are battle scars they are there to show how strong mommy is. She is very strong" Niall said and tears fromed in my eyes. Liam took my wirst and kissed my scars and the tears rolled down my face. "your so strong mommy" Liam said and that was my breaking point "i love you baby boy" i said "i love you to mommy" he answered Carly was passed out on the couch. and soon followed by Liam. "I wasnt joking when i said you where strong" Niall said. I looked up at him. "i love you" i said "i love you to! your the best thing thats ever happen to me" he told me and we kissed. "Niall do you think you can watch the kids i need some time with Louis" i asked. "of course" he said and kissed my cheek.  I went next to Louis i knocked and kocked and finally walked in. i saw him and El making out. "AHH" i screamed and they jumped there faces started to get red. "well when i didnt answer the door i thought it was pretty obvious" louis said "sorry Lou i wanted to spend time with you before you left" i sadly said and turned around. I heard some whispers and than i heard louis "Tay wait lets go shopping i miss spending time with you" he said "YAY" i yelled. "you guys can finish what you started tonight" i winked. "thats gross! your my little sister your not suppose to think like that!" he said and i just laughed. "Lets go!" i said "by El see you later" he kissed her and left. we drove to the mall and talked about everything and i told him what Niall and little Liam said about my scars and a couple fans stopped and asked for pictures. once we got home it was late i kissed Louis on the cheek and said goodbye. when i walked in Niall, Liam, and Carly where sleeping in my bed i put the bags in the closet and moved to the couch. i slowly drifted away. It was aroung 2 am and i felt someone carry me and lay my on the bed. "i love you so much words can not desribe" i heard Niall say and kissed my head. when he layed down i cuddled right into him with his arm around me and my face buried into his neck.

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