my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


13. Congraultions!!

Nialls P.O.V.

I was really happy to be having a twins! I really was i was just worried. I feel like i wont be a good dad or husband because i might be on tour when she is pregnant and the kids wont have there dad around them all the time like every other kid. I will propose to her soon because i Love her she is special and i never want to loose her. This weekend we are going to Taylors mom house in New York i have met her considering she is Louis mom too. Than the weekend after that we are going to see my parents in mullinger.

Taylors P.O.V.

I called my mom and told her we are coming to New York i have to tell her i am pregnant. She told me she has a 4 step daughter there names are Lottie Fizzy Phoebe and Daisey. i wounder what they are like and she is married i hope he is okay. are flight is tomorrow really early in the morning. The flight leaves at 6 Am so we will wake up at 4 am and leave a 5. "Niall? Babe!" i yelled "Yeah babe" he yelled back "I am going to sleep we have to wake up really early are you coming" i asked "Be there in a minute babe i am going to get a little to eat" he said i kissed him on the lips and walked away and into bed. i get in bed and layed down. i started to doze off and than i felt Niall get into bed so i burried my head into his chest. **Next Morning**  the alarm went off and i really didnt want to get up i looked up and i was still in Nialls arm. "Niall wake up" i said. he wouldnt budge i started shaking him stilll wouldnt. Than i had an idea. I kissed him hard on the lips. he started kissing back and i just smiled he put his toungue in my mouth and started explorying in my mouth. I pulled away. "awake" i asked. than he put his head back down and closed his eys waiting for my to kiss him again in stead i screamed right in his ear "WAKE UP" he jumped and fell off the bed i started laughing it was so funny!! "what are you laughing at babe" he said coming closer to me "That" i said than he jumped on my and started tcikling witch was my weekness "Please.... stop" i said laughing really hard. "OWWW" I yelled "Om my gosh im sorry babe i didnt mean to hurt you im so sorry" He said than i started to craking up laughing "babe i was just kidding you didnt hurt me i was trying to get you off of me" i said laughing "haha sorry babe love you" i said and kissed his cheek and walked to get ready. I wasnt going to get really dressed up because i was just riding the plane and going straight to my moms. i put a little foundation and some mascra and than i put on sweat pants and a hoodie on. I had a small bump so i put baggy cloths on because know one knows but the boys. I put my hair in a messy bun and put on my Vans. I walked out and so Niall wearing sweat pants and his kiss me im irish shirt. i kissed him "what was that for?" he asked "because i love you and your shirt" i said he blushed a little i just laughed "NO ONE ELESE BETTER KISS YOU" I yelled "I PROMISE" he yelled i laughed and went to eat after i was done eating i brushed my teeth and got my stuff and put them in the car. "im ready Niall" i said he walked out with his stuff and kissed my on the cheek and put his stuff in the car. I walkd out and got in the passenger seat and Niall got in the driver and we drove to the airport. I slowly dozed off on the way there. "Babe where here dont want to miss are flight" he said i woke up and slowly got out of the car and got our stuff. it was 5:45 we have 15 min tell our flight. ** 15 min later** me and Niall where just haveing small talk "flight 321 to New York City is now bordeing" the lady on the intercome said we got up and borded the plane

Nialls P.O.V.

Once we got seated on the plane a lady she was quit cute but i love Taylor better she was around are age "would you like anything" she asked looking down "Do you want thing babe" i asked Taylor "Yes a coke please" Taylor said. Right as he heard my voice her head jolted up. im guessing she knows are band... "WOW your Niall Horan!" she Yelled/Whisperd "yep thats me" i said and smiled at her. she asked for a picture and of course i said yes i got up. i took a picture and she kissed my cheek i saw Taylor she looked kinda mad. i sat back down and we talked she kept putting her hand on my sholder and i would keep looking at Taylor i thought i saw some tears. she kept flurting with me and i felt bad! "Can you please just get a coke for my girlfriend"I kinda yelled "oh yeah forgot about that slut" she said "honstly Niall why are you dating her she is so ugly and fat i mean loo at her stomach and she probally has had about 30 boyfriends you can do why better.... Like me!" she said. i was so shocked i cant believe she said that i looked at taylor and she was crying i felt so bad "she is even a cry baby!" she said "First of all she is not a slut!! I am dating her because she is amazing beautiful nothing like you she is definalitly not ugly no matter what! and the only reason why she is big is because she is pregnant! It dosnt matter how many Boyfriends she has had aslong as she is with me right now! I would never go out wiith someone like you!" i yelled and i kinda forgot it was a secret that he was pregnant! " we want our drinks but i want someone else beside you to bring them i said. "Fine" she said and looked mad! "Im so sorry Taylor just remeber i love you no matter what and i would neer leave you" i told her she looked up from her lap she had tears running down i wiped them and kissed her cheek. "niall now she is going to tell everyone i am pregnant." she said "its ok if your ok with it" i said and smiled "im okay with it" she said and smiled "i love you" i said and kissed her lips she smiled into the kiss "i love you too" she mumbled into my lips. * 1 hr later* we where finally here i woke her up and we left the plane. we saw her mom and she ran up to her and gave her a hug "hi Mrs.Tomlinson" i said and gave her a hug "Hey Niall i thought Louis was coming not you haha no offence haha" she said "she dosn know where dating act like where friends i am telling her tonight" Taylor whisperd in my ear "Yeah Louis coulnt make it so i didnt want Taylor being here all alone i dicided to come with her" i lied taylor winked at me and i just smiled "your so sweet Niall" Jay said. When we got home we saw Taylors new step dad and step sisters

Taylors P.O.V

When we got home i saw my New step dad and sisters i walked up awkwardly. "Taylor this is Phoebe and Daisy" she said pointing to twin girls i bent down so i was their height "I girls i am Taylor your step sister its nice meeting you" i said "Hi" they said in a sweet shy ton. the lft and went upstairs "Nice place mom" i said "thanks its mine and chrises house" she said "Taylor this is Lottie and Fizzy" she said pointing to a girl around 15 witch i think was fizzy and a girl about 13 that was lottie "hi guys im Taylor" i said and smiled "hey" they said and smiled i think we would be pretty close. "taylor want to help me make dinner so we can catch up?" she asked "Of course" i said i walked into he kitchen "im making your favorite sphegti and meatballs" she said "YUMM" i said i was hungryi havnt ate until this morning Niall was in th living room watching football (soccer) me and mom where just making small talk "Mom so how do you like Niall?" i asked " he is a good boy and he is really sweet" she said "good because we are dating" i told her she looked up "really congrats" she said "and... im pregnant with his kid" i said. she looked shocked "For how long?" 7 months tomorrow"i said. "i thought i could see you gaining wieght"she said and laughed "so your ok with this?" i asked "Of course i am honey i m so proud of you but your only 18 your going to hav to take care of him or her." she said "Mom dont worry i will" i said "so is it a boy or a girl?" she asked "its accaully Twin boys" i said "CONGRULATIONS" she screamed and ran over an huged me. Niall ran in asked if i was ok "im fine i just told my mom we where having twins haha" i said he laughed and went back to watch soccer "what are their names?" she asked "Liam James Horan and Matthew William Horan" i said "so cute" she said  we placed the food at the dinner table "DINNER IS READY!" we yelled! we all sat down together we talked about everything and i got to know more about chris he seeme like a nice guy good for mom and Daisy and Phoebe where so diffrent beside there lookes and there really funny! Lottie and Fizzy are really nice and kinda we are already really close. Before we went to bed i red Phoebe and Daisy a story andkissed their cheeks and went to the spair room with niall "good night abe i love you" he said "I love you to" i said "Niall my stomach is getting really big it was huge i didnt relizes how bug it got! haha" i said laughing "yeah babe will its gonna get big with two boys in there" he said i laughed and fell asleep

** sorry its crapy i couldnt think that good today promise to update soon!**


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