my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


5. caught!

Louis P.O.V

I woke up next to Taylor she was still sleeping, and i was still wounder what happened. I heard something beep and i thought it was my phone until i rememberd i left it at home i tryed finding and it kept beeping and beeping. I finally found it and saw that it was Tays phone she got like 5 messages. i was woundering if i should look at them. I mean i am her older brother they are suppose to look after there sister, and what if its the guy that hurt her! i had a mini battle with myself and decide i would before she woke up. All of her messages where from Ryan! ugh i hated him so much. i have talked to him a couple of times. I dont know its just something aout him that i cant put a finger on it. i opened up the first text

ry<3; hey babe :)

ughh i hate him! the second one

ry<3; babe why arnt you asnwering are you mad about yesterday get over it gosh!!

why would she be mad? and he isnt helping fix it! third one

ry<3: are you fucking kidding me if you dont answer i am coming over and you know what will happen!!

what was going to happen?! so many questions the last one said...

ry<3; THATS IT TAYLOR I AM COMING OVER NOW!! be prepared!!!!

that was sen 5 min ago and he lived about 20 min away and we lived about 5 min away from the hosptitle. i am gonna wake taylor up.

"tay wake up" i said she turned a little and tried falling back asleep. "tay tay wake up!" i said a little louder "what do you want lou?" she asked in a soft tired voice "you got a message from ryann" i said  she jolted up "what?! did you read them?!" she yelled fully awake. "yes..." i said quitly and looked down so she wouldnt be to mad. "what did he say?!" read them your phone is over there" i said as i pointed to the right. she read them and her eyes got wide! she looked scared "you ok tay tay?" i asked worried "yah i am fine" she said witch i could tell she was lieing! "dont lie to me!" i said "dont worry about it boo we just had a little fight yesterday"

Taylors P.O.V

i woke up to beeping i thought it was louis phone so i left it and went back to sleep. about 5 min later i heard louis say "tay wake up" i didnt want to so i just turned a little and went back to sleep. "tay tay wake up!" he half yelled "what do you want lou?" i asked a litle annoyed yet soft and tired voice. "you got a message from ryan" he said and as soon has i heard his name i jolted up! "what?! did you read them" i yelled scared he would find out! "yes" he said i got andry! why was he looking through my phone! "what did he say" i asked "read them your phone is over there" he said pointing to the right. i read them a freaked out hopeing that he wouldnt know what he did to me. "you ok tay tay?" he asked sounding worried "yah i am fine" i lied ugh u hate lieing and to the people i love! "dont lie to me" he said! MAN! he is good!! "dont worry boo we just had a little fight yesterday" i said hopeing he would give in. Me and Louis finally went home and he stayed for and hour and had to meet the boys! boy i wish i could meet them again there so sweet and cute! i liked niall a lot but i want to get to know him first. when louis left i sat on the couch a lone bored. i heard a car coming in the drive way and i thought it was lou and he forgot something. Boy was i wrong! Ryan marched in! FUCK i was so scared! i was so scared he was punching me and of course kicked me nut this time he had something with him!..... a bat! he hit me on the head the last thing i remember was niall coming saying louis forgot something than relizing what Ryan was doing! i than blacked out! woundering what was happeing! hopeing niall would be ok!

Nialls P.O.V.

when Louis arrived he looked confused and was looking for something. "what are you looking for mate?" i asked him "my phone i think i left it ate the house and i need it just incase something happens to tay!" he looke worried! he was so protictive! "i will go get it since i just finshed recording and its your turn where is it?" i asked but i realky wanted to see Taylor she was so pretty and her eyes where shut amazing! "its on the counter if taylor is home she can help you find it thanks mate" he said "no worries lou" i said after a few dates i plan on makeing her mine! i will gert louis to let me :) as i drove up the parking lot i saw acar that i have never seen. i went inside and told her louis forgot his phone and i looked up and saw a guy hit her with a bat! i ran over to him and punched him in the face he knockd out finally! i called harrys phone and said "lemme talk to lou know!!" he said ok and gave the phone to louis " LOU! when i walked in some guy was here and hit taylor with a bat i punched him and he is kncoked out cold! i am taking taylor to the hostpitle now meet me there!!" i said " Oy MY GOSH! i will meet you there!" louis said "ok i will call the police to tell them to take him" i said and hung up. i wounder who this guy was why would he do this to such a beautiful girl. i called the police and ambulance and they took taylor and i followed than that guy woke up and they put him in the police car. i asked him how long he would be in jail he said a year.

Louis P.O.V.

when i got the call i sarted to freak out if only i would have stayed a little longer i could have protectied her! i told harry to drive my to the hospitile and he did. when i got there i asked the lady at the desk "what room is Taylor Tomlinson in?!" she smiled and said "She is in room 163 its on this level right down there' she said pointing down the hall. when i went in there no one was in there but Taylor. Her eyes where closed and her skin was pale. she looked like i ghost! the doctor cam in "mr.Tomlinson?" he asked  "yes thats me the only one in here" i said in a sassy tone. "ok well she broke a few ribs so she will have to wear a brace for 3 months and the broke her right leg and she is in a come. she got it in the head to hard i am sorry. I hate to say this but she has a 50/50 chance of living.



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