my brother is Louis Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson younger sister of Louis Tomlinson. You think her life would be awseome because her brothers is? no! her boyfriend abuses her and she tries to leave but he always ends up finding her! what will happen when she falls for a band member does he like her back? read to find out!


8. Be mine?

Louis P.O.V.

The docter said we could go home finally! i got to call Eleaor to come over and meet Taylor. When Eleanor moves in but that will be later in are relationship i hope taylor will still stay and not move out. Maybe she will find someone elese. All the boys live in the same aparment complex so if i am never home and Taylor needs something she can go to any of the other boys. I helped Taylor into the car and i heard her say "ouch" "what happend are you ok?" i asked "yah my ribs hurt" she said i forgot about her ribs opps.

Taylors P.O.V.

i am excited to move in with Lou i would be safe and be closer to the boys. lets just hope he dosnt find me! that wouls be bad "boobear?" "yes tay?" he asked "Will Ryan find us once he gets out of jail?" i asked "No i wount let him!i will do everything to protect you he wont touch you again i promise i love you tay tay" he said "i love you to boobear" i said we went home and got all of our stuff packed i guess louis bought a aperment when i was in a coma

  ** 3 weeks later**

I met Eleanor a when we moved into the aparment she is so sweet kind loveing and amazing girlfriend to lou. they are perfect for each other. i havent seen or heard about Ryan he still in jail. Me and liam are close friends we tell each other everything he has a girlfriend her name is Danielle Dani for short ** i know there not dateing its just for the story :)** she is amazing and pretty but me and liam tell each other everything. Me and Niall have been and couple of dates he is so sweet and has an amazing personality i am really fallinf for him. If he does ask me out i want to take things slow and i hope Louis will be ok

Nialls P.O.V.

Me and Taylor have been on a couple of dates but we are not offical i am asling her to dinner tonight and than i am going to ask her to be mine! i will not let that Ryan touch her ever again i cant believe he would do that to such a sweet beautiful girl! i was going to ask aylor to dinner so i am walking over. i walked in and she was on the couch alone watching t.v. now was the time before Louis came in. "Hey Taylor" i said smiling and sitting down "hey nialler' she said and looked at me gosh her eyes are so pretty!! "Do you want to go to dinner with me tonight at 7?" i asked "of course i would love to' she said it was 4 right now so we had 3 hours "ok i will be over at 7" i kissed her cheek and left **3 hours later 7 o clock** i went to the door and knocked Louis was out with Eleanor so we where good. she came out with her hair straighten and a purple dress she look beautiful! i cant wait to call her mine! "you look amazing" i said to her and kissed her cheek "you dont look to bad ether nialler" she said while giggleing i love her laugh its just so cute! we drove dinner haveing a laugh and some small talk. we got to the place some french place that i have never been to. we went in orderd our food and drinks. i finally got the nerv to ask her "Taylor i have liked  you for a while and your so funny beautifill and just have an amazing personality will you be mine?" i asked her she was silent for a while i thought she was gonna say no. "Of course Nialler i will be yours!" yes! i could finally call her mine not anyone else! i was so happy and i was the luckeist guy in the world. when we left we drove home because it was late. When we got there we thought Louis was still gone and we walked in holding hands and he was right there on the couch. He looked at us than at our hands we quckliy pulled away. "hey lou" taylor said "whats going on right here?" he asked i stepped up and said "Me and Taylor are dateing"  he looked mad!  "Taylor go upstairs now!!" he kinda yelled she came and gave me a hug and kissed me on the lips i felt sparks fly! Louis rolled his eyes. when taylor was in her room Louis started talking "You cant date her" "why not" i asked "because she is my sister and she gets hurt easliy and i dont want you dateing her!" he said "Lou i will take care of her and protect her just like you! do you want her to forget about Ryan? than let me date her i love her" i said and all of that was true! "fine but if you hurt her i swear to god Niall i will hurt you!" he said i am glad i got his premission "thanks lou i will take care of her!" i went back to my aparment and decide to text her

Tay Tay<3- hey babe got Lous premission <3 -xxN

from; Tay Tay<3- yay i heard some of it but than i took a shower lol i am bored :/

to; Tay Tay<3- come over :) -xx N

from: Tay Tay<3- i have to sneak out but Louis is sleeping so i am coming :)

to Tay Tay<3- ok i will meet you outside :) xxN

i met her outside and kissed her on the lips. when we went inside i put in a movie and we where cuddling. i started to kiss her and out lips moved in sync. i started to get over her and i traced my tongue on her bottem lip for entrance and she let me in. gosh she was amazing! i started to take her shirt off and she pulled away. "not tonight please. i have never done it before not even with Ryan." she said looking down! "im sorry i shouldnt have went to fast we can wait i will wait for you i promise!" i said "thanks Nialler" she said as she kissed me on the lips. she started to get tired so i carried her over to lous they r right across from mine. when i went in lou was sleeping i lughed and put taylor on the bed and kissed her forehead and left. Today was a good day <3


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