A One Direction Love Story

Emma is a normal 17 year old girl. She is abused by her stepdad when her mom is not around. What will happen when Emma meets Liam Payne from One Direction?Will they just be good friends or, will they become more? Read to find out in ' A One Direction Love Story'
This is my third movella and i hope you like it. I would appreciate comments and criticism but as long as it is constructive:) From Laila xx


3. Why go back

Liams POV

She was beautiful, like an angel. But she was crying." Why are you crying" she looked up at me and sighed. " Um no reason" I could tell she was hiding something but what? " No there is a reason you can trust me. She lifted up her dirty blonde ringlets to reveal a purple bruise turning yellowish." Who did this to you, would you like me to call your parents?" Suddenly her head bolted up and she shouted worriedly" NO" ok maybe something has happened between her and her parents. Then it clicked. I knew what had happened. She had run away from her house." Did you run away from home?" She studied my face as if she was checking if she could trust me. She must have thought she could because she nodded her head sadly but scared at the same time.
"What happened?" I paused" You know you can trust me" then she started talking..." Well um i have a stepdad and he kinda abuses me and as soon as I tried to tell me mom he threatened to rape me and um then she er died while sleeping" I don't know why but as soon as she said that my fists seemed to clench with rage and I am not normally the violent type." Sorry to dump this all on you" She whispered weakly. " Sshhhh its ok I dont mind" " Will you go back to your stepdad or go somewhere else" " 'Why go back' "
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