A One Direction Love Story

Emma is a normal 17 year old girl. She is abused by her stepdad when her mom is not around. What will happen when Emma meets Liam Payne from One Direction?Will they just be good friends or, will they become more? Read to find out in ' A One Direction Love Story'
This is my third movella and i hope you like it. I would appreciate comments and criticism but as long as it is constructive:) From Laila xx


2. Go or die

It had been a week since my mom had gone on her business trip, i was in my room listening to my iPod when I herd the overly drunk voice of my idiotic step." Emma cone down here now and get you lazy ass to the shops to get some fucking beer" i sighed " Coming " When i git down stairs i was greeted by a violent slap. "What took you so long you fucking time waster" I rolled my eyes unintentionally and he unfortunately realised." Don't you roll your eyes at me you little bloody bugger, now go to the flipping shop and get me my beer so 'go or die' "you obey and act strong but, as soon as you get out side the door you burst into floods of tears. When you have bought the beer you bump into someone , but unfortunately he realises you are crying.You look up to him and see he is the one and only LIAM PAYNE from ONE DIRECTION...
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