my desire

This story is a about danisnotonfire and amazingphil, phan! Contains slash so not suitable for kids under 16! About Phils desire to kiss Dan and how he would do anything to hold him and love him and kiss him but is it just him that feels this way?


1. he must never know...

Phil was lying on the sofa, drowning in his own salty tears, he was imagining the two of them cudding softly on the sofa, with the occasional peck, but then his imagination got too vivid and before he knew it his pants were getting tighter and he had to unzip them and start stroking it frantically, beads of come were dripping down his area and then he heard the door open suddenly he puts the number back in his pants and wipes himself clean, in came Dan who was smiling intently, Phil covered his groin with a pillow and asked why he was so happy and Dan replied oh just met some fans that's all! Dan knew Phil was gay but he had already talked to him how nothing could happen with them, it broke Phils heart but he couldn't ruin his friendship, dan must never know he thought to himself, listen said Phil im gonna go to bed and watch some adventure time in private, ok ill make us some tea replied Dan.
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