Nialler and Juliet.

Juliet Manson is a normal 16 year old girl. When she bumps into Niall at a Maroon 5 concert, her life changes forever. Her grades start slipping, she can't make it to family events and her mother and father are furious. They forbid her from seeing Niall. There's only one solution: Sneak out.
Will Juliet be able to stay happy? Or will her love life be ruined forever?
Find out in Nialler and Juliet!


2. Moments... </3

I keep staring at the guy, he gets up, takes off his glasses and starts slowly creeping over to me. I threw him a 'Dude, I know what you're doing' look. He started running at me. I felt someone punch my somach. I fell to the floor in agony. Then I heard a manly shout and I saw someone blonde-ish punch him back.

                                 Like 3 hours later, Saint Mary's hospital...

"Julie. Juilet. Wake up. C'mon sweetie wake up." Says my mom gently

I slowly wake up and stretch one of my arms. The other was in, what it felt like, a sling.

"Morning sweetie, how ya feeling? This sweet boy saved you from that man. I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch your name?" asked mom

"Niall. Niall Horan. Umm... Hi." Said the cute blonde boy who I had recognized. Then the name rang a bell in my head.

"Niall? Niall Horan? You're from One Direction!!" I screamed

"So I'm told! How ya feeling love?" He said in his adorable Irish accent. I'm Irish too, but his just sounds so much better!

"Fine... My arm kinda hurts though..."

The doctor comes in the door.

"Juliet Manson is it? You're free to go, but you'll have to come back for a check up in 2 weeks ok?"

"Oh thank you so much!!!!" I screamed

"Would you like to come home with us for dinner, Niall?" asked my mom.

"Well, Mrs Manson. You should know, I'm always hungry!!!"

"Well, I know that from reading all the posters in my daughters room! She has a wall each for Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn!!!"

I knew this evening was going to be special...


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