The story of a girl who got abused by her brother, but she finds love when she meets Niall. Will their love be able to withstand all of the obstacles that are in their way?


4. Shopping Spree

Niall's POV:

That night, Jessica asked me to stay in her bedroom until she fell asleep. I felt so sorry for her. Nobody should have to go through what she had .I looked over to the wall that I had punched. There was a small dent were I had punched. I smiled a little. 

When Jessica had fallen asleep, I went back to my bedroom. I was laying awake in my bed, staring up at the ceiling. If David ever tried to hurt her again, I would personally track him down and kill him... I finally fell asleep at midnight. 


The next morning, I went to see if Jessica was awake yet. When I knocked on her bedroom door, she answered "Come in!" I opened up the door and saw her sitting on her bed, wearing a black top and dirty jeans. "Yeah, no offense, but we're going shopping today." I told her. She blushed, but smiled. "Come on." I told her, reaching out my hand for her to take. 

I lead her down the stairs and into the kitchen. I made pancakes and she was just watching me. When they were done, me and Jessica sat down and ate them. 

After breakfast, we washed the dishes and I grabbed my wallet. Then, I lead Jessica out to my car. I helped her get into the passenger's side before I climbed into  the driver's seat. I drove her down to the mall

"Where do you want to go first?" I asked her. 'Ummm, you do realize that I've only been to the mall about twice in my life, right?" she answered. She was so cute.

We walked to JC Penny's. 


A while later, we walked out of the store, holding bags full of clothes. I bought her everything that she had tried on. She really didn't want me to though. "Okay now for shoes." I said and started walking towards the shoe store. "No, Niall." she insisted, grabbing my arm and turning me around. She had her arms folded over her chest. "Why not?" I questioned. 'Because you've already spent way too much money on me" she answered, not looking me straight in the eyes. "Fine." I said, acting like I had given in, but I really had a different plan. 

When we got to the car, I threw all the clothes in. Then I picked Jessica up and started running towards the shoe store. "Niall!!!" she screamed, making me smile. I didn't put her down until we were near the back of the store.When I set her down, Jessica exclaimed, "What was that?" "I wanted to buy you some shoes." I answered. "So you pick me up and rum me all the way here?!?!" she whisper-yelled. I smiled and nodded my head. She smiled a little too. 


I ended up buying her one pair of each boots, heels, sneakers, and two pairs of flats. I would have bought her more, but she begged me not to and gave me the puppy dog face. You know the one where she puffs out her bottom lip and looks up at me with those beautiful sparkling eyes of hers? Well, I couldn't say no to that face, so I just bought these. She obviously doesn't like me spending money on her.

I helped Jessica into her side of the car and then got in my side. When the car started, I turned on the radio. "I love this song!" Jessica exclaimed when she heard the song, 'Hit The Lights' by Selena Gomez. She started singing along with the radio. She sounded so beautiful. We stopped at a red light and I turned to look at her. 

After that song (the light was still red), she realized that I was staring at her. She started blushing and she flipped her hair back. "Sorry." she mumbled. "No, you're a really good singer." I said, starting to drive again. She just blushed even more. 

When we got home, I helped Jessica put her new clothes away in her closet. She was just so beautiful.

Jessica's POV:

"There, finished!" I yelled, coming out of the closet. Niall had first bought me all of this, and then he helped me put it all away. He was so sweet, kind, and beautiful. 

"Thanks." I said to Niall. "Anything for you." he answered back, making me blush like he always did. He made me blush so easily, even though I rarely blushed around anybody else. It was just Niall. 

I think I might have fallen in love with this boy...

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