The story of a girl who got abused by her brother, but she finds love when she meets Niall. Will their love be able to withstand all of the obstacles that are in their way?


5. Meeting the boys

Niall's POV:

I woke up to my phone ringing. I reluctantly got up out of the bed and picked it up. A very familiar voice sounded through my phone.

"Harry!" I shouted, excited. We hadn't talked to each other in months.

"Niall,long time, no see." Harry's voice came through the speaker. 

"What have you been up to?" I asked him, expecting information like 'Got a new girlfriend, but have my sights set on.....' 

"Nothin' much... I've got a new girlfriend" (I knew it) "You?"

"Well, I found this girl-" I started, but got interrupted by Harry saying, "Ohhhhh, Niall's got a girlfriend.... Niall's got a girlfriend." "No, Harry. I literally found her... half-conscious in the woods." I answered.

"Oh, is she okay?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, she's been staying at my place." I answered.

"Hey Niall, you wanna come over to my place? All of the boys are comin' over." Harry questioned.

"Can Jessica come with me?" I asked.

"Of course." Harry answered, instantly.

"Okay, we'll be there." I said.

"Harry?" I asked.

"Yeah?" he answered.

"Can I tell you something?" I questioned.

"Of course you can, mate." he replied.

"I think that I might be in love with Jessica." I finally admitted it.

After a pause, Harry answered, "Well, she might like you too, you can never tell with girls."

I laughed and answered,"Thanks Hazz, see you later."

"See ya!" he responded before hanging up the phone. I hung up too.

Jessica's POV:

"I think that I might be in love with Jessica" I heard Niall's strong Irish accent say.  "He must be on the phone." I thought. I couldn't hear anything after that. Too many thoughts were racing through my mind, like: "He loves me!!!", "I love him too!", and "Why would he love me?" I was excited because I loved him right back. 

I got up and got dressed, in black skinny jeans and a white T-shirt. Then, I went downstairs and sat on the couch, watching Spongebob. 

Niall came down a few minutes later. He sat down beside me and asked, "Do you wanna go meet the boys, today?" I was confused about 'the boys'. Who could they be? Niall must have seen my confusion because he said, "Come on." and gave me his hand. He led me into his bedroom. This was the first time that I had been in there. There were a few posters on the walls. One caught my eye because Niall was on it. I walked over there and saw him with four other boys. Under each boy, there was a caption." Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomilson" it said. Above all of that it said "One Direction" in big black and white letters.

'"It's my band." Niall explained to me. I nodded my head. So I was going to meet 4 boys that were in a boy band that I didn't even know existed.

Niall went to make some breakfast and I took a shower. 


When I came back downstairs, Niall had breakfast ready. He handed me a plate and we started eating. After the dishes were washed and we were ready, we left for Harry's place. 

When we got there, Niall helped me out and we walked towards the house. Niall got out his key when we got near the doorstep. He unlocked the door and we stepped in. Niall led me to the living room, where two boys were sitting on the couch.

"Niall!" the curly-haired one exclaimed. "And you must be Jessica." he also said. I smiled. That was Harry.

"Nice to meet you, Jessica." Louis said, shaking my hand.

Two other boys showed up within 30 minutes. All of these boys were really nice and sweet. We spent that evening talking, laughing, and just hanging out. These boys were so much fun to hang out with.

Me and Niall left at about 9. Harry had offered for us to stay there, but Niall said that he wanted to get home. We walked down the steps and into Harry's driveway. Niall opened up my car door for me. I got inside and he closed the door behind me. Then, he got in on his side. Soon we were on the way back to his flat. 

"So, what do you think of the boys?" Niall asked me. I smiled. " Well, They're really fun to hang out with." I smiled. "They are." he answered.

When we got back to his flat, we both went to our beds and I fell asleep almost instantly.

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