The story of a girl who got abused by her brother, but she finds love when she meets Niall. Will their love be able to withstand all of the obstacles that are in their way?


9. I'm Scared-Horror Movie

Jessica's POV:

I woke up in  Niall's arms. I smiled before carefully crawling out of his arms, trying to make sure not to wake him up. He was so cute! I went upstairs to take a shower.

When I came back down, Niall was sitting up on the couch, looking the other way, probably looking for me. I tip-toed over to him and slowly sat down behind him. He didn't notice me. I breathed on his neck and he instantly spun around.

He breathed out a sigh of relief when he saw me there. He put his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him, and kissed my lips, before saying, "You almost gave me a heart attack." I just smiled. I kissed his cheek before getting up and making breakfast. "Is it okay if the boys come over later?" Niall asked. "Why not?" I replied, looking over my shoulder at Niall, who was on the couch, texting somebody (most likely one of the boys).

After we ate breakfast, we were sitting on the couch watching TV, when Niall randomly pulled me into his lap. I turned around to look at him and he just had an adorable smile planted on his face. I leaned closer to him, until our faces were less than an inch away. "I love you." Niall whispered to me. " I love you too." I replied, letting our noses touch. Niall pushed his warm lips against mine. I kissed him back...

"Why are you two always kissing when we come!?!?" I heard a boy's voice say. Me and Niall broke apart, both looking behind me. There stood four boys, all 8 eyes staring at us. I, once again was blushing, but Niall just sat there with a small smile on his face and his hands on my waist. Zayn was the one who had shouted before and he was trying his best not to laugh. I smiled a small smile, signaling them that it was okay to laugh and everybody did, even Niall.

I moved off of Niall's lap, but he picked me up and set me back. I just looked over my shoulder at him. He was trying to hide his smile, but I could still tell that it was there. He pushed his lips on to mine.

'You two do realize that you're not alone, right?" Louis questioned. I turned away from Niall as the boys sat down on the coach and practically anywhere else. I, once again, tried to move off of Niall's lap, but it ended with him pulling me back onto his lap again.

"It's not gonna work, love. When Niall wants something, he gets it." Harry commented, staring right at me. We all laughed at that.


That evening, we played truth or dare. "Jessica, truth or dare?" Harry asked and I replied, "Truth." "Hmmmm" Harry thought. "Okay, if you had to date one of us, other than Niall, who would you date?" Harry questioned. "Dare!!!" I yelled. "Okay, I dare you to tell the truth." he answered. I groaned, looking beside me, at Niall, who was glaring at Harry in disgust. Everybody else was looking at me, with interested faces.

'None." I mumbled under my breath, hoping nobody would hear me, but just my luck, Louis (who was sitting on the other side of me) yelled, "None?!?! None?!?! There are thousands of girls who, if in your place, would say all and you say none?!?!?" I was blushing, and Niall was caressing my upper arm.

Niall, when nobody said anything else, said, "Leave her alone." and kissed my cheek. I relaxed a bit. "Fine, Jessica your turn." Harry said, after everybody had stopped laughing. "Niall, truth or dare?" I questioned, turning to look at him.

"Dare!" he yelled, without hesitation. "Okay, I dare you to see how many ice cubes you can fit in your mouth." I responded. I wasn't going to embarrass my boyfriend in front of his best mates. He stood up and we followed him into the kitchen.

He took a cup, filled it up with ice cubes, and started popping them into his mouth. "One...two...three...four..." we chanted as he put another ice cube into his mouth. He stopped at 15, spitting them all into the sink. As we were walking back into the living room, he put his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I loved him so much.

At about 9:00, everybody wanted to watch a movie. "Toy Story!" Liam yelled. "No, let's watch a horror movie!" Louis shouted, to everyone's (but mine) approval, so they put in a horror movie.


It was about an hour into the movie and me and Niall were sharing a recliner. We were covered up with one of his blankets. My head was on Niall's chest and the boys (like usual) were sitting anywhere else. I had screamed a few times and I was definitely scared.

At one point, I got so scared that I threw the blanket over my head. I heard a lot of laughing, but then Niall, popped under the blanket with me. He smiled at me and I smiled back. He crashed his lips onto mine and I kissed him back. Niall pulled away from me and took the cover off of our heads.

The movie ended at 11:00 and the boys left. I was (practically) laying on Niall. He whispered to me, "You're really beautiful when you sleep." and kissed my forehead. I blushed a little. He  picked me up, bridal style, and carried me up the stairs.

Niall's POV:

I set her down on her bed. She really did look beautiful. When I was about to leave, she said, "Niall, I'm scared." I knew she hated horror movies. I asked her what she wanted me to do for her. In response, she moved forward, leaving a space on the bed beside her. She patted the space and smiled that amazing smile of hers.

I layed down on her bed, holding her body close to me. "Is that better?" I whispered into her ear. She nodded her head, the smile not leaving her face. She closed her eyes and fell asleep, lying right there with me. 

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