The story of a girl who got abused by her brother, but she finds love when she meets Niall. Will their love be able to withstand all of the obstacles that are in their way?


18. Cuddling *Really Short Chapter*

Jessica's POV:

I had gotten taken to the hospital, but they only ran a few tests then gave me some medicine or whatever and told me I could go home. Niall and I got back into the car. My stomach still hurt a little, but I wouldn't tell Niall- he already worried so much about me and I didn't want to make it worse. I put on my seat belt as Niall turned on the car. He pulled out of the parking space. I felt him grab my hand, filling in the space between my fingers with his own. I smiled and squeezed his hand tight. "I was so worried yesterday." Niall admitted, his grip on my hand tightening. "I was too." I mumbled, not loud enough for him to hear me. It was quiet for a while, our hands still connected. Niall randomly pulled my hand up to his lips and placed a small kiss on the back of my hand before we pulled up into the driveway of our house. 

We went inside and I went into the kitchen to get something to eat. Niall walked up behind me and placed his hands gently on my sides. "Babe. Go sit down. You're already hurt enough." he said, I slowly turned around in his arms. "You're the sweetest person alive. You know that?" I mumbled. He smiled and blushed slightly. I gently pecked his lips and was about to walk away, when he pulled me back, our lips connecting. He let me go about five minutes later. He left a smile on my face. I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. 


After we finished eating, Niall insisted on doing the dishes, so I let him. We were both pretty tired, so we decided to watch a movie. He got up and put it in. When he got back to the couch, I was curled up there. "Honey, you need to at least change out of those clothes." he told me. I whined, making him laugh. "Here." He muttered, pulling off my (or his really) top and jeans. I shivered and pulled my knees up to my chest, but not that tightly. He came back down with my favorite shirt of his. I smiled as he pulled it over my head. He clicked play on the movie before coming over to me. He lifted me up and layed down on the couch, letting me lay on top of him. 

We layed like that for a couple hours, even after the movie ended. "I love you." I said after a little while. I looked at his face and he had a huge smile on it. "I love you too." he responded. I pecked his lips before closing my eyes and slowly drifting off to sleep in his arms.

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