The story of a girl who got abused by her brother, but she finds love when she meets Niall. Will their love be able to withstand all of the obstacles that are in their way?


10. Coma

Niall's POV:

I opened my eyes, the next morning, and saw Jessica peacefully sleeping in front of me. I kissed her cheek just hard enough that she would wake up.

Her spectacular blue eyes fluttered open. "Good morning babe." I said to her. She smiled and replied, "Good morning." I loved her morning voice. It was so cute! I kissed her before sitting up and getting out of the bed. "Where are you going?" I heard Jessica ask. I turned around and saw her sitting up and looking at me. "To go make some breakfast." I answered. She smiled that amazing smile at me.


I finished making breakfast and put it on two plates. I went into the living room and found Jessica was sitting on the couch, on her phone. I walked over and sat down beside her, setting one of the plates on her lap.

"Thanks." she mumbled. I smiled and nodded.

After the dishes were washed, me and Jessica were sitting on the couch, watching telly. My phone suddenly went off and I answered it.
"Hello?" I asked.

"Is this Mr. Niall Horan?" a strong, deep voice asked.

"Yes, who is this?" I questioned.

"This is doctor Mike. Harry Styles was in a car crash and is here, at the hospital." were the words that made me freeze.

As soon as I could move, I hung up the phone, dropping it to the ground. Many thoughts were racing through my mind.

'Babe?" Jessica's sweet voice brought me out of the trance. I grabbed Jessica's hand, stood up, and started running towards the door, dragging her along with me. "N-Niall?" she questioned. I could hear the fear in her voice.

Once we were in the car, I explained to Jessica, out of breath(not from running, but from being nervous) "Harry-car crash-hospital." She seemed to understand because she quickly put her seatbelt on. I was holding on to the steering wheel so tight, that my knuckles were white. Jessica must have noticed, because she put her hand on my leg and I relaxed at her touch.

"Babe, everything is going to be alright." she assured me, and even though I trusted her with all of my heart, I still had my doubts. I was really worried about Harry. He was in the same band as me, we were best mates, and most importantly, he was my brother.

We pulled up in the hospital parking lot a few minutes later. As we got out of the car, Jessica grabbed my hand, letting me relax a little bit. "We're here to see Harry Styles." Jessica said to the lady, squeezing my hand tight. "Room 248." I pulled Jessica towards the elevator .

When we got up to the third floor, I pulled Jessica along the hall with me until we found room #248. Jessica slowly turned the handle down and I pushed the door open. We stepped inside.

Louis, Liam, and Zayn were all already there, all standing around a hospital bed that, from where I was standing, looked like it was...sad? The whole room felt sad. It all looked sad too.

As we walked closer to the bed, I could see one of my best mates, lying there, with tubes helping him breathe. His eyes were shut tight. It almost looked as if he were...dead. The only thing that proved to me that he wasn't, was the moving of his chest.

'He's in a coma" Louis explained, "They say he can still here us, though." I put my arm around Jessica, not only to comfort her, but also to comfort myself.

We all took turns, talking to Harry, and even though we knew that he wasn't going to be able to talk back to us, but we also knew that he would be able to hear every word that he had said.


Jessica's POV:

Harry had been in a coma for a week now. I was sitting on a chair right by his bed while the boys were at a rehearsal. "Harry, I haven't known you for that long, but I know that you are a very smart, funny, guy. You are so much fun to hang out with, and you charm everybody that you meet. Please, please wake up soon." I said to Harry. I talked to him a lot. I knew that he could hear me saying these things about him. Suddenly my phone went off. Niall had texted me: From Nialler: We're on our way back. Love you and see you in a few minutes. I replied back, From Jessy (his nickname for me): I love you, too. See you soon <3.  

I put one of Harry's hands in both of mine. "We all miss you Harry. We want to see you again." I said. squeezing his hand. He squeezed mine back. "Harry?" I questioned, thinking that my imagination must have gotten the best of me, but then, his bright green eyes suddenly flew open. "HARRY!" I yelled as loud as I could, which caused 4 sweaty, red-faced guys to run into the room. They all gasped when they saw that Harry was awake.

They all had hugged him and Liam had run to get some doctors. Niall just went behind me, pulling me close to him, and whispered into my ear, "I told you that you could do anything." before kissing my cheek. We got shoed out of the room when the doctors arrived.

We were all sitting in the waiting room, me on Niall's lap. Nobody was really talking, so it was pretty quiet, but not an awkward kind of quiet. It was more of a happy quiet. Like when somebody just asked you to marry them an you are too happy to say anything, so you just nod. It was that kind of quiet.

Niall pulled my hair out of the pony that it was in. I didn't do anything about it though. He was playing with my hair and every once in a while, he would plant a kiss on my neck or shoulder and I just turned to look back at him. He had a cheeky smile playing on his lips.

About an hour later, we were allowed to visit Harry and we all entered his room. I saw him sitting up on the bed, smiling at us, showing off his dimples. I smiled back at him.

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