One Step Closer

THis is the sequl to Disasters-Or Are They Deams? And you do need to read the first to understand this one. So Alissa, Hope, Emma, Lyra and Essra are a band signed to Simon Cowell's record label. They are a giant hit an are rocketing to the top like a certain boy band. *Hint hint* They reach tops of charts. That is all I will say so I don't spoil the story.


1. One Step Closer

We closed the limo door and pumped LWWY. We sang along in clear voices and ate sweets. I closed the sliding glass between us and the driver and opend the sunroof. I stood up with my head out the roof and yelled "Living the dream!" And quickly ducked and closed the roof. Essra hummed to the song and flipped a page in her book. Who could read while 1D was playing?

I packed up the candy and put it in the back. When I turned aound Essra was holding my Iphone, which was playing the music. She turned off the music and everyone groaned. "I'm reading." She said. "I will help you finish your book." I said. I grabbed the book, closed it then opened it to the last page and held it infront her face for a second. Then I closed it and opened the sunroof. So quickly, so she couldn't stop me, I chucked it out the sunroof. She turned the music back on and looked at me, silently saying 'I turned the music back on so hand me my book'. "Sorry, I chucked it away." I said.

"Narwhales Narwhales swimming in the ocean causing a commotion cause they are so awesome!" Lyra yelled. The limo stopped and the driver got out and opened our door. We all got out and looked at a giant building. "I am going to find you a flat at this star's house buying thing." Said the driver, who was also our manager and who was Leanna. We followed her inside and wandered of as she went to talk to some people. Somehow we ended up in a deserted corner of the fifth floor. Five handsome guys strolled up and stopped infront of the grey ugly eleavtor.One Direction.

I walked over and said to Louis Tomlinson "Hi I am Hope Weller, a part of the new band called One-" I was cut of by Louis. "You stole our name! You will be sued! I heard of you, but I thought your name was One Stp Closer!" He said. "It is!" I said back. "Oh. He answered. "I heard of you and you are as big as we were when we had been released for a year! You will reach our popularity in no time! Congratz!" Niall said.

I smiled nicely and looked at twitter on my phone. We had reached 100 million followers already. I showed Niall, and Louis glanced at the screen and said "You already have reached us and passed us!" I put my phone away an we divised a plan to sneak away from Paul and Leanna and go meet some fans.

Me and Zayn went down the elevator and walked to Leanna and Paul. Louis and Emma walked in from opposite doors at the far ends of the room. They both crashed to the ground on Alissa's cue, who was sneaking out the rest of the guys except for Harry. Louis and Emma pretended to be hurt and the managers rushed over to them. Harry and Lyra opened the doors behind them a crack and snatched them into the rooms as the managers ran to them. Me and Zayn ran out the front doors to meet the eight others.

We jumped into our limo and me an Louis got in the front. I drove, with Louis in passenger and everyone else in the back. I sped out and drove to a big open park. I parked the car and we got out. We all sat in the middle of the feild while Zayn got dividers from the trunk. We went on twitter and announced where we were and people could come meet us. Just as Zayn finished setting the dividers around us, fans rushed in. We stood and greeted the screaming mb of fans. Someone held a sign that said "One Direction Step Closer!!!!!!!! I luv you!" With arrows joing One Dirction and One Step Closer. I will never get used to so many fans.



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