Take Care

**Sequel to What Humans Do**
It's been seven years since the day I told Harry Styles we had to break up because our publicity stunt was now over. He told me to wait till I was 26, then we could get back together and be happy. So, I waited. I waited until I got a phone call the day after my 26th birthday from Harry, inviting me to a wedding. HIS wedding, to be exact. I knew I had to get Harry back. I'm not going to let seven years of waiting be wasted. I needed him back. And so the plotting began.


8. Inhaler

Song of the Chapter: Inhaler by Foals

It was hard to believe that I was so willing to go out with Zayn when the whole point of me being here was to get Harry back. I just figured if Harry didn't work out, I should be happy, too. I'm tired of being alone.

So, that's why I was sitting in Zayns car, about 10 minutes away from Rome, playing the question game with him. The same game Harry and I played on our first date.

"What's your dream vacation?" He asked me.

"I think it'd be rather interesting to go to Thailand or Malaysia. I like asian food, so that'd be fun," I said with a laugh, which he returned. "What about you?"

He looked down in thought for a second. "Hm, I don't know, really. I've been to loads of places for tours, but it was never a vacation with girls running around screaming after you. You can't really enjoy many things. If I had the chance for a vaction to a place, it'd probably be Norway or Sweeden. It was beautiful there."

"I've been to Sweeden once with the old team. It is really pretty!"

He smilied and said "We should go there sometime. Me, you, Darcy, and Andrew. We'd have to go soon or else she'd have her baby on the plane. She's pretty big!"

"Yeah, she is. She's lucky, though. Starting a family and everything."

"She is. Let's move to the next question before you get me all emotional! It's your turn."

He faked a sniffle and I laughed a little more. "Hmm.... If or when you have a child, what will you name them? Boy and girl names."

He's eyebrows knit together in concentraction. "I would have to say... Simple names, like Emily or Jacob. Not those names in particular, just simple things. I don't really know, it depends who the mother is."

"Those are nice names. I would have to go with Bridgett and Sylus. (Psy (Gangman Style guy)- Lus) I know the name Sylus isn't exactly common, but I just like that name. I like Jona, too. For a boy. I certainly would rather have a boy than a girl."

"And why's that?"

"I don't know... It just seems life is easier as a boy. You can hide your emotions way better, it never seems like the end of the world if you get dumped, you don't have to worry about make up in the morning. Half decent looking boys can get out of bed and go straight to school or where ever and still look amazing."

He nodded his head and then said, "Yeah, that's true. It is easier unless you're Harry. That kid wears his emotions on his sleeve half the time. And Niall's just sensitive but won't let on if somethings bothering him."

Great. Harry's in the conversation. "Yeah, but Niall is adorable so it works for him."

"Harry's not adorable?"

"I think you and I both know what I would answer to that if he weren't a taken man."

He nodded his head and silence filled the car. It wasn't exactly a comfortable silence either, it was really awkward. The kind most people aren't good with, including myself. "Do you mind if I turn on the radio?"

He nodded and took one hand off the steering wheel and turned on the radio. I guess he listened to older alternative/indie music because 'Inhaler' by Foals were palying. I used to really love this song.

"D'you know this song?" He asked me.

"Yeah, I love this song. I remember when I was younger I wanted to go to a Foals concert when I was in Romania for a summer, with Petar. We were about 16 and we wanted to go to one of the concerts in England and we asked if we could get tickets and just stay in the house that we lived in during the school year. They said no, that we were too young and that they weren't real musicians. We shouldn't be wasting our time listening to them. We went anyways. Our mothers were furious, but it was fun and it was worth it."

Zayn had a smile on his face and was shaking his head side to side. "I never knew you had that rebelious side?"

"You know me. Rebel with a cause, this one. Partys every night... After my homework, of course!"

He busted out laughing which was a chain reaction to my laughter. I turned and looked out the window and saw the bright lights of Rome, Italy and looked back to the bright brown eyes of the man I was with.

"We're here."

He put the car in a parking spot, climbed out and walked over to my side of the car. He opened the door for me and when I climbed out he grabbed my hand. His tall frame bent down to my small one and whispered in my ear, "Welcome to Rome. One of the best places on earth. And I'm here with one of the best people on earth."

It took all I had not to say "aww!" like I do in those cheesy romance movies.


A/N: So, I figured since it's Thanksgiving, I should update to the people I'm thankful for (you) :) And I know, many people are thinking/saying 'No! She belongs with Harry!' I agree with that. I'm just having some fun with my story, seeing how it plays out. Trust me, I did NOT plan this, it literally just happened. I typed it and liked it. BUT, this probably won't happen, I'm just curious, what would you all think of a Rue/Zayn pairing? Why agree/why disagree?

Thakns for everything, guys! Happy Thanksgiving!


(P.S.- I would really recommend looking up this song if you like alternative rock; it's amazing!)

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