Take Care

**Sequel to What Humans Do**
It's been seven years since the day I told Harry Styles we had to break up because our publicity stunt was now over. He told me to wait till I was 26, then we could get back together and be happy. So, I waited. I waited until I got a phone call the day after my 26th birthday from Harry, inviting me to a wedding. HIS wedding, to be exact. I knew I had to get Harry back. I'm not going to let seven years of waiting be wasted. I needed him back. And so the plotting began.


16. Breathe Me

**Song of the Chapter: Breathe Me by Sia


"Lacey? Are you in here?" I called into the darkness. I had been to every fast food restaurant, grocery store, and bar in the city of Verona. And she was still no where to be found. There were a lot of places to still look, but I found myself at her fathers stadium, looking for her in the pitch-black stadium.

I know, you're probably wondering how I managed to get in the stadium. I told the guard that the owners daughter was missing and that he's be very angry if the guard didn't let me in. So he let me in.

I didn't hear any response. I had been through nearly half of the whole arena and I couldn't find her. The guard was helping me look for her on the other side. He was actually a really nice man.

I decided it was time to leave and I went to go and check the bathrooms; to see if she was in there and to see how terrible I looked. It was almost 3:30 in the morning and I had been looking for her nonstop.

Harry was searching for her, too. But it was just around places like the train station or continuously checking the house to see if she's returned.

I walked into the bathroom and saw that the lights were already on. I glanced up from the switch and saw the row of mirrors that lined the wall across from the door. I looked a mess. My wavy hair was in all directions and I had dark circles under my eyes from the lack of sleep, going on nearly 20 hours of no sleep.

I was still in my pajama's. But I had a black hoodie and a pair of dark blue flannel shorts that cam to about my knees and a pair of boat shoes to top it off. I sniffled in and heard a giant bang come from one of the stalls.

My head turned to the left and I saw a flaming Lacey standing in the doorway of the fourth stall. She marched her tiny body over to mine and slapped my directly across the face.

I admit, it hurt a lot, but I've been through worse pain. "Okay, so I deserved that."

"You deserve so much more than that! You were my maid of honor! You were supposed to be there for me! What did I do to you to make you do this to me?!"

She started to cry again. I didn't know if I should hug her, yell at her, or try and reason with her. But how can you reason with someone who just stole your fiancé?

"Listen, Lacey, I know you absolutely hate me right now. You have every single imaginable reason to. But I'm sorry. I wish I could say more, but I really can't. I can't help what happened. I can't help that Harry picked me. I sound so cruel, but I'd rather have the truth said to me than a lie."

She took her head from her hands and looked at me with disgust. "He didn't pick you, he picked the easy girl. The one who means nothing to me anymore."

"I'm going to ignore that because you're upset. But you need to come home. It's 3:30 in the morning. I'm tired, you're tired, come on." I tried to put my out and around her, but she slapped my hand away.

"Don't you dare touch me. Don't talk to me, don't look at me, and especially don't touch me. You've ruined my life. You stole my husband. You were supposed to be my maid of honor! My best friend!"

"Lacey, I didn't ask you to ask me to be your maid of honor! I knew you for five minutes and you had asked me! You didn't want me to be your maid of honor and best friend. You wanted to make sure this didn't happen."

"You think you know everything, don't you? You think you're just so perfect! 'Look at me! I'm Rue Rotar, Olympic gold medal gymnast! I dated Harry Styles for a year and a half and I came to his wedding to steal him back! I am the girl that Harry Styles could never get over!' Well, you've won! I hope you're happy! You won him." She had reached rock bottom. She crumbled to the ground and brought her knees to her chest and cried more.

I slowly approached her and bent down to reach out to her again. I didn't know if she'd shove me away again or not, but I was pleasantly surprised when she let me wrap my arm around her.

She cried. And cried, and cried. We sat on the bathroom floor for roughly fifteen minutes. Her crying and me holding her and saying how sorry I was. How terrible I felt. I don't know if she really heard me, she just kept nodding her head as a response.

When she finally finished, she looked up at me and gave me a small smile. "I'm sorry for hitting you..."

I laughed a little at her. "You don't need to be apologizing for anything. I'm the one who needs to be doing that."

She laughed and then sighed. "I guess I'm single again."

"Maybe you, Harry and I should have a talk together."

"Yeah, but first I want to go home and go to sleep."

I stood up and then extended my hand out her. She grabbed it and stood up beside me. "Rue, what am I going to tell everyone? My family will be so upset... The tabloids will explode with trash talk about all of us."

I started walking towards the door with Lacey trailing behind me. "Let's not worry about all that right now. Let's just go home and go to sleep."

We walked in silence to my car and when we got in she fell asleep. When we arrived at the house I had Harry carry her inside and put her to sleep. After that, Harry came to my room and slept on the floor beside my bed. Most likely because I was passed out when he returned and taking up the whole queen sized bed.

One thing I didn't forget was when I woke her up to tell her that we were at the house, she told me that she forgave me. I may not know her very well, but I couldn't describe how happy I was that she forgave me. She really was the perfect person.

            "Sometimes the right path is not always the easiest one."

                          -Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas <3

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