The Devil Walks

This story is about Micheal Tanner on the run from the devil who wants his fathers mysterious past...


1. Hellsolomen

Chapter 1

David Hellsolomen was sat at a long table.He was at a press conference, helping to promote his new brand of soap,Semmar.He did not think he was ready for this yet,after all,he was only 27.

"...So this brand of soap should revolutionise the way men and women wash their hands." Finished Richard, their chairman.

There was a round of applause and a loud scraping of chairs as everyone began to rise, grab their coats and leave through the back door. David was about to do the same when his phone began to vibrate in his shirt pocket.

Silently, he gave a short sigh, withdrew his phone from his pocket and check who was calling. It was his irksome cousin, Tony. He swore under his breath and tapped ignore. Although, he thought, his timeing was rather perfect as just after he had ignored Tony's call his boring boss, Cornelius, hit him hard on the shoulder. What have I done now, he thought, rubbing his right shoulder.




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