Pitch Perfect

"The Bellas,” an all-girl a capella group from Barden College, performing at the Lincoln Center in the a capella finals. The performance goes awry when soloist Aubrey, stressed from all the pressure, gets sick on stage. Four months later, a new student named Beca starts her studies at Barden College. Attending the activities fair, Beca meets Aubrey and Chloe of the Bellas, who are desperate to recruit new members for the club. Beca declines their offer to join, saying she can't sing. She then gets an internship at the local radio station, along with fellow freshman Harry. Want to know more? Start reading!

*based on the movie 'Pitch Perfect'*
*From Beca's point of view*


1. Arrival

I had just arrived to Barden college. I looked around and saw tons of other people. Taking all of my luggage out of the cab, a lady comes up to me and speaks with me. "What building are you in are you in?" She asks. "Um, building A..?" I replied unsure. "yes! It's right over there..." I was blocking off of what she was saying. Suddenly a car pulled in front of me. It contained three guys inside. The one in the backseat looked at me and started jamming out, to the music that was playing in the car. I looked him weirdly. He just continued, also mouthing the lyrics. The driver pushes the gas pedal, and he falls back in his seat. The car drives away. "And here's your rape whistle." The lady says while handing me the whistle. "Oh! But only use it when it's needed" she finished. I grabbed my luggage and put the whistle in my mouth, walking away with a smirk on my face. I walk around campus, when I finally get to my room. I walk inside to see my roommate is already here. "Hi..." I said awkwardly. "You must be Min Lee." She doesn't reply. "Do you speak English? Or you still don't understand me or..?" She still doesn't answer but continues to set up her things. "Okay then.." I mumble. I put my bag down and my dad comes through the door. "Hey Bec! How'd you get here?" He asked while sitting down. "A cab..?" He knew I wasn't so excited about going to college here. Finally, Min spoke up. "I'm going to the activities fair on the campus" she says. "Me too! Bye dad!" I walk out the door and follow Min.
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