love me or not i will always love you

One little girl moves to Londen and meets a boy named Louis Tomlinson and right when she laid eyes on him she know she loved him.......


10. What Did You Say???

(Taylor’s P.OV)            When Louis said that I was speechless, I really thought I was going to pass out but then I did……………..hours later…………  I woke up in my bed but then I saw that I was in Louis’ arms. I felt so safe and cozy. Then I looked at the clock it was 7:00 in the morning all I could think was does Louis really like me because I really, REALLY like him to.  I tried to sneak out of bed to make breakfast but sadly Louis woke up. “Hey beautiful where are you going’’ “ummm it’s a surprise just turn on the T.V I will be right back.” And with that I ran down stairs well tried to I fell on that last step and landed on my butt. Then I heard footsteps run out of my room getting closer and closer to me.  Then I heard Louis say “are you ok love what happened?!?!” “Uhhh…..yeah….fine” I said between jolts of pain going up my back. “Here let me help” Louis said and when he came out in front of me I found out he was shirtless and I am telling you he looks sooo hot shirtless. ”Yes please do” I said back. “So what were you trying to do?” I was going to make us special breakfast,” “awwww how sweet maybe we can make something together” “Yeah I would like that” I sad back to Louis as we were walking to the kitchen.

(Louis P.O.V)            “Oh wait, I had this crazy dream that you said you wanted to go out with me. Isn’t that funny!!!” “Well to tell you the truth that wasn’t a dream it was real and I really want an answer. “Well Louis I would love to but…..


(please feed back i hope you guys like it to make it better PLEASE feedback)

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