love me or not i will always love you

One little girl moves to Londen and meets a boy named Louis Tomlinson and right when she laid eyes on him she know she loved him.......


2. the boy next door

(Taylor's P.O.V) When we all get to the house my mouth hits the floor, that house was huge and perfect. I hug my mom and my dad and thank them for the great house, I run inside to pick which room I want. I get the second biggest room it is soooo awesome i have my own bathroom and everything. When I look out the window i see a huge poool in the backyard, so i thought to myself 'lets go!!!' After i got my swimsuit i run out to the pool and jump in.  When I get out of the water to jump in again i hear a kid playing next door so i thought i would be polight and go and see them later today.  Then when i was about to get out i see Stella running after me in her swimsuit and pull me in. "Stella what the hell are you doing," i screem in her ear. "Trying to have fun!!!" she screems back. " hahahahahhahahahaha WELLTHEN!!!!!!!" I screem in her ear one more time before I get out.

------later when Taylor is ready-------

(Still Taylor's P.O.V) I am on my way to the neighbours house with a plate of home made cookies (god now i want cookies) and when i got there i kocked on the door and the most hottest guy opened the door SHIRTLESS!!!! i thought i was going to pass out but i keep it cool. When i get out of my day dream i open my mouth and say "hi i just moved in next door and i thought i should meet ya'll." right when i siad ya'll i thought i was the biggest retard ever. "Um ok but shouldn't we be bringing your family the cookies," he said "yeah but i love making cookies and having a cookie dough fights and i love meeting new people," i said back. Wow i am a retard for sure... "ok well i am Louis Tomlinson i am 12 years old and i love sports, now tell me somethings about you." he said back so nicely and beautiful with his british accent.

(Louis' P.O.V) When i just got out of the pool i hear a knock at the door and i see the most beautiful girl i have ever seen i my hole life. When we saw each other we just stood there and staring into each others eyes untill she FINALLY said that she was from next door and just moved in. I was confused because i was just going to make cookies and go to her house but oh well. I said some stuff about me and it was so out of the blue i thought i was such a retard but then she said "I'm 12 too and i also love sports and i have an older sister," wow i loved her accent.

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