love me or not i will always love you

One little girl moves to Londen and meets a boy named Louis Tomlinson and right when she laid eyes on him she know she loved him.......


1. my life, this one is a little boring

(Taylors P.O.V) I'm Taylor and I'm 12 years old with long sometimes wavy blond hair, I have blue eyes and one older sister, Stella.  I move different places for my mom's job. The first place I lived was Florida and I loved it the beaches and the sun. Then i moved to Canada for a year now I'm moving to London England. I was kinda exsited but now I'm going to be even farther away from my friends and family but I support my mom 100 percent. I just hope i fit im with a dark tan and a southern ascent.....

{flight to london}

(still Taylors P.O.V) We were boarding the plane and we were in first class because my moms business paid for it.  I was excited i always wanted to go to England but people say it's reany, I really will miss the beaches.  It was going to be a long plane ride so i start a movie i watched "Just Go With It" i couldn't stop cracking up. i slowly fell asleep and woke up after like 3 hours (WOW) then I watched one more movie "This Means War" hahahahahhaha also soooooooo funny. When the plane finaly landed i went off the plane got my bags and when to the house we bought.

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