love me or not i will always love you

One little girl moves to Londen and meets a boy named Louis Tomlinson and right when she laid eyes on him she know she loved him.......


4. movies or something

(Taylor's P.O.V)             I woke up the next morning in the kitchen i was soo confused. I walked to the living room and saw my parents i said "hey why was i in the kitchen??" the said back "you sleep walk remember, WHY DO YOU DO THAT!!!" "WELL ITS NOT MY FALT," i said back befor going upstares and getting ready for the day. i took a quick shower put my hair in a messy bun put on sweats and a "love" T-shirt. I ran downstairs and asked my parents if louis could come over to have a movie day or something and they said "of couse," then i quickly replied "STAY UPSTAIRS OR GO OUT FOR THE DAY!!!!" All they did was crack up and nod. I called louis and his mom picked up i said as nicely as i could "may i please speak to louis for a second," then she said back "of couse.'' It was really funny because i could hear what they were saying all i heard was "LOUIS TAYLOR IS ON THE PHONE AND I KNOW YOU LIKE HER SO HURRY," i blushed when she said that and what was even more funny is when i heard louis "MOM!!!! i know she can hear though the phone and give me that love you." Then the next thing i heard was "hey Taylor whats up," "nothing much i was wondering if you wanted to have a movie day or something i have nothing to do ALL DAY,'' then he said "let me ask my mom." Then when he came back to the phone he joyfully said he............... COULD..................

(Louis' P.O.V.)            Right when i heard "i know you like her," i was so mad because i knew she could hear thought the phone. Then i ran downstairs and took the phone we had our conversation and now i ave a date i mean play date with my best friend at her house. I was on my way to Taylor's house when i saw my mom's face in the window then igave her the "really i am not a kid anymore" look then she went back to whatever she was doing. Then when i got to her door i stood there for a second to see what i was going to say my my hand did a free for all and knocked on the door.

(Taylor's P.O.V)            When i heard the knock on the door i ran to the door and opened the dot:ac=201210271803159657/chapters

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