love me or not i will always love you

One little girl moves to Londen and meets a boy named Louis Tomlinson and right when she laid eyes on him she know she loved him.......


5. movies or something #2

(Taylor's P.O.V)            When i heard a knock on my door i ran to the door and opend it i was that hot face with beautiful eyes lips... "hey Taylor,'' Louis said taking me out of my gaze. "hey come on in," i said back. "soooooo what movie do you want to watch, " i don't care what do you have," Louis said "we will see," i said trying to be as funny as a can. When we got where the movies were Louis went srait for "Mean Girls" all icould do is say "i was hoping you would pick that," "its my favorite movie" louis said back. "well let POP it in" i said poping the "p". We made the popcorn and sat down and watched the movie.

(Louis' P.O.V)           When i saw Taylor in sweats and a "love" T-shrit it made me get butterfies in my stomach. When the movie was over we started having a popcorn fight it was so much fun. We were running around the couch and up the stairs and in the kitchen and everything. When we were done with that we ploped on teh couch im exostion but so worth it. When i saw Taylor dtart to close her eyes i started to tickle her then... we started a tickle fight and of course i won even though she won't  say but i kept tickling her untill she said "fine, fine ,fine LOUIS YOU WIN you win" "haha the tommo is always the winner"

(Taylor's P.O.V)            "you wish and now your nickname is Lou do ya like it'' ''well why wouldn't i" he said in a prince voice then he walked over to me and said "my i have this dance" still in his prince voice. "well of course you may" i said im my princess voice. Then we started to do the walts and that is my favorite dance even though i suck at it. Then i triped over the couch and fell i pretended to be knocked out and Lou was fricking out. "Taylor Taylor came you hear me are you ok please answer" then i shot up and said "got cha" we both fell down cracking up.

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